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Improve your communication skills with private, real-time, and judgment-free coaching — powered by AI. Like Grammarly, but for speech!

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Alicia Curtis
Toastmasters Ambassador
"Yoodli is like having your um counter, grammarian and general evaluator whenever you speak"

How Yoodli AI Speech Coach works

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Why Yoodli

Private & secure

Your speeches are only visible to you and private by default

Quantify your progress over time

Track the metrics you care about - conciseness, filler words, pacing and more

Built by experts

Built by world champions of public speaking, TED speakers, and thousands of speech coaches

Yoodli for enterprises - the future of training is here

Built around your method

Yoodli trains employees using your brand voice and best practices

Always fresh

Yoodli auto-updates as your learning content changes

Consistency across your organization

Provide consistent training at scale

How will you use Yoodli?

  • Upload custom content like PDFs, rubrics, and videos to train representatives
  • Customize scenarios for role-play practice
  • Track progress over time, in aggregate, across cohorts
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