13 Work from Home Jobs (No Experience)

August 27, 2023

10 min read

Work from home jobs have tons of benefits, especially in terms of flexibility.

The number of work from home jobs has exploded exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, the demand for this type of work is high. These jobs are extremely convenient since you can earn a living right from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for a legit work from home job, we’ll help you figure out what positions are out there, how to apply and prepare for these jobs, and how to work from home successfully. 

What to Know About Work from Home Jobs

The years after the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the world’s ability to work effectively and efficiently at home. The majority of the workforce — aside from essential workers — packed up their office space and set up in their home.

People still enjoy and often prefer working from home. There are even more positions classified as “work from home” today than a decade ago. But true, legitimate positions can be tricky to find 

Legitimate work from home jobs

Because many people would rather work from home, work from home jobs are in high demand. As such, internet scammers have increased their efforts to fake WFH job postings and offers, so it can be more difficult to find legitimate work from home jobs.

However, it’s not impossible. If you’re looking for legitimate work from home jobs, look for signs the positing might be a scam. Some red flags that suggest a job posting might be a scam include things like: 

  • The listed position has a hazy, unclear description and requirements
  • You can’t find any real information about the company, like where it’s located or contact info
  • A “recruiter” reaches out directly to you (as opposed to you applying first)
  • Your new “work” schedule appears to be extremely flexible (too flexible to be reasonable)
  • The “company” asks for personal, usually confidential information (e.g, your social security number, credit card information, etc.)
  • The position’s listed salary is suspiciously high for the role
  • You need to pay the “company” before starting or shortly after it starts
  • The “recruiter” uses incorrect grammar and spelling
  • They give you a job offer right away, without you putting in much work (e.g., without interviewing, applying, etc.)

Basically, if it seems too good to be true, it’s probably not a legitimate work from home job. 

But some legitimate work from home jobs will hire immediately, too. 

Immediate hire work from home jobs

There are a few immediate hire work from home jobs, although they’re pretty rare. Most employers don’t hire immediately on the same day, but there are positions and industries where immediate hiring is more on brand. 

For example, you’ll have better luck finding immediately hire work from home jobs by: 

  • Participating in job fairs or hiring events
  • Connecting with a recruiter
  • Exploring multiple postings from a single company
  • Leaning on your network and connections

Work from home jobs (no phone calls)

If you’d like to work from home but avoid talking on the phone, you’re in luck. There are definitely work from home jobs that don’t involve phone calls. 

Some positions that don’t require you to make loads of phone calls include roles like:

  • Transcriptionist
  • Community moderator
  • Freelance writer
  • Closed captioner
  • Virtual assistant
  • Software developer
  • Freelance editor
  • Data entry clerk
  • Chat customer service agent
  • Graphic designer

We’ll dig into these roles a little deeper below. 

Preparing for Work from Home Jobs

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you won’t have to interview for the position. Even if you feel 100% confident, it’s still a good idea to practice beforehand. You can always practice answering questions in front of a mirror, but it might be more efficient to explore a mock interview simulator like Yoodli.

Yoodli is a speech coach that analyzes your speaking patterns and speech through AI so that it can provide you with actionable insights. 

Unlike other communication coaches and mock interview simulators, Yoodli is completely free. You can use its interview question bank or input your own, more specific interview questions. For example, if you were interviewing for Target, you could respond to Target interview questions.

Yoodli can help you snag a work from home job by practicing interview questions.

Using generative AI, Yoodli will also generate follow-up questions in real-time to keep you on your toes and improve your impromptu speaking skills. You can check out how this works below: 

Snag the best work from home job by practicing with Yoodli.

Regardless of the question, you’ll get immediate feedback and metrics related to your speech, from your word choice to your speaking pace and body language. 

If you’re trying to snag a worthy work from home job, Yoodli is a great way to prep. 

Tips for working from home online 

If you’re working from home online, the best tip out there is to have solid, strong, internet connection. Without that, you won’t be able to work from home online. 

Still, there are other things to keep in mind too. Here are some quick tips to successfully working from home online: 

  • Decorate and set-up a dedicated space to work
  • Keep the distractions to a minimum
  • Take breaks when you need to (especially to avoid eye strain)
  • Prep your lunches and meals ahead of time
  • Coordinate your schedule with your roommates or family members
  • Start work early and keep up regular hours

13 Best Work from Home Jobs (No Experience)

If a daily pay job sounds perfect for you, it’s totally doable. Although it can be tricky to find the daily pay job of your dreams, here are some common roles that pay daily. 

1. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio and transcribes that audio into written words. Usually, you’ll use a stenotype machine or a computer and word processing program.

Lots of transcriptionist work involves specialty areas, such as legal, medical, or financial audio recordings. Luckily, you don’t need any prior experience transcribing nor experience in any of the specialty areas, so this role is pretty accessible as long as you’re comfortable listening and transcribing audio recordings.

2. Community moderator

If you find yourself online often, a community moderator might be a good work from home job for you. Community moderators — also simply referred to as “mods” — work to uphold and maintain any regulations and rules of an online community. That community could be on Facebook, Reddit, or other online forums. 

If your goal is working from home online, this position could be perfect. You’d evaluate and read threads, comments, and posts to make sure they’re up to the social media community standards as well as the group rules. That being said, if those rules are broken, you’re the person responsible for taking care of it. For example, you might be in charge of things like: 

  • Reviewing posts
  • Approving posts
  • Evaluating comments (and deleting and reporting inappropriate ones)
  • Banning community members

3. Tutor

You don’t have to have a college degree to be a tutor. Tutoring is a great job for anyone who has a passion for teaching and helping others grow and learn. 

People can be a tutor in almost any subject, like academic subjects like biology, geometry, or English. However, you can also tutor people in other ways, through roles like:

  • Peer tutor
  • Language and speech pathology tutors
  • Pre-K or elementary tutors
  • Special education tutors 
  • Exam prep tutors
  • Music tutors

It totally depends on your specialty and what you prefer to do. 

4. Freelance writer

For people who like to write, becoming a freelance writer can be a worthy endeavor. You’ll control your own hours and the topics you write about. 

To be a freelance writer, you can start your own blog or website or freelance for another company entirely. If you choose the latter, the employer will likely choose what topics you write about. 

You don’t need a college degree or any experience to start freelancing. 

5. Closed captioner

A closed captioner is a person who writes the captions that come up on a screen when a video plays. Closed captions are useful for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, or for people with an auditory processing disorder. Even if you have perfect hearing, captions can help you understand the scene or show better.

Closed captioners can write captions for more than just television shows. You might write text for special events, films, pre-recorded speeches, informational videos, or other types of media. 

6. Customer service representative 

Another worthy work from home job is customer service. If you consider yourself a “people person,” becoming a customer service representative might be right up your alley. 

What you’ll do totally depends on the position and company, but usually, your role is to support customers. To do this, you might have responsibilities like: 

  • Offering up useful information
  • Listening to and responding to customer complaints
  • Problem-solving customer issues
  • Answering questions for clients

However, if you’re looking for a work from home job without phone calls, this one probably isn’t for you. 

7. Virtual assistant 

A virtual assistant is a great role that allows you to work from home. Virtual assistants usually do administrative assistant work for an employer. 

Your actual position responsibilities will completely depend on where you’re working and who you’re working for. Still, it’s likely that you’ll engage in activities like: 

  • Marketing
  • Web or graphic design
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Managing social media channels

Although you can be hired by a company, you can also be self-employed. 

8. Sales or marketing representative 

A sales or marketing representative is another work from home job you should consider. In this role, you’ll engage in marketing strategy — such as developing strategy and planning campaigns — and selling services or products. 

As a sales or marketing rep, you’ll also help attract new customers, maintain the client base, and initiate more sales. 

This type of position also isn’t ideal for people who don’t like making phone calls. As a sales or marketing rep, you’ll most likely be making and answering lots of calls from customers and other types of clients.

9. Software developer

For people interested in the technology sphere, software development might be a field to explore. For example, a software developer makes computer programs and applications to make a user’s life easier. 

Developers will also supervise software programming as a whole and test their software as they work on it. Those same programs will probably also be tested by analysts to ensure the software works correctly for users. 

10. Freelance editor 

Becoming a freelance editor is pretty similar to becoming a freelance editor. The main difference is that instead of writing content, you’ll be editing someone else’s content. 

Your responsibilities are pretty straightforward. As a freelance editor, you’ll read and edit a piece of copy for spelling, grammar, and contextual mistakes. You might also rewrite hard-to-understand areas of an article. 

You can still be your own boss or work under a larger company or brand, so you have lots of freedom with this kind of work from home job. 

11. Social media manager

If you consider yourself adept at navigating and using social media apps, becoming a social media manager could be a good choice. 

In this role, you’ll probably work for another company or brand instead of being self-employed. Your goal as a social media manager is to supervise your employer’s social media activity and use content strategy to plan posts. 

Your responsibilities can range greatly depending on your employer, but generally, you might: 

  • Reviewing and evaluating user engagement metrics
  • Finding and acting on trending subjects relevant to the company
  • Creating social media campaigns 
  • Growing the social media account in terms of users and engagement

12. Data entry clerk

Becoming a data entry clerk is another option. In this role, you’ll usually work with data that’s on paper. Transferring the data from a paper source to an online source, like a computer, is the main responsibility. 

Although you can manually move over the data, some positions allow you to use a scanner to scan the data or information directly to a computer. To input manual data, you’ll read the initial information or data, type in the information to a computer (such as in a spreadsheet or document), and check the information back to the original source.

Usually, this work from home job is safe from lots of phone calls. 

13. TikTok content creator

Becoming a TikTok content creator is another rather creative endeavor. For this work from home job, making money is a bit more difficult. 

To succeed as a TikTok content creator, you’ll need to:

  • Find a specialty niche that you can create content about
  • Create engaging content based on that niche
  • Use trends to inform your content
  • Build up a loyal audience and following
  • Use (and pay for) advertising

This work from home job definitely isn’t for everyone and it’ll generally take a while for you to make money. Still, some people love making content on platforms like TikTok and monetizing it.

The Bottom Line

Finding a good work from home job can be so worth it. Although they’re not always easy to find, these positions can be extremely convenient. 

Whenever you find that perfect position — whether it’s as a tutor, a software developer, or a TikTok creator — take advantage of Yoodli to prepare for your next interview. Good luck!


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