Personalized speech coaching at scale

Train employees at scale and in your brand voice using AI

Personalized speech coaching at scale
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How Yoodli AI Speech Coach works

Upload your brand guide

Rubrics, PDFs, videos - Yoodli will use these to train your employees

Get AI feedback in your voice

Employees will get feedback using your brand voice as the source of truth

View aggregate progress

Track rep progress over time, in aggregate, across cohorts

Yoodli for enterprises - the future of training is here

Built around your method

Yoodli trains employees using your brand voice and best practices

Always fresh

Yoodli auto-updates as your learning content changes

Consistency across your organization

Provide consistent training at scale

Your security team will thank you

Certified for the enterprise

Automatic data deletion, SOC 2 Type 2 compliance (coming soon)

Privacy first

Recordings are private by default and stored encrypted

Excluded from AI models

Your data is not used to train AI models

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Comms teams upload speeches by senior execs to show them unbiased AI feedback on how they performed. You can also offer this as a self serve practice tool for employees ahead of all hands, team meetings, or external presentations / media events.

You can upload your style guide/ brand tone to Yoodli (eg. slides, mp3/mp4 files, PDFs). Yoodli will then use that as the knowledge base to provide feedback to your employees.

Yoodli is enterprise ready - we’ve been through Infosec with Fortune 500 companies like Google, Korn Ferry etc. Speeches are private by default and can be auto-deleted at 1D, 7D, 30D intervals. On the enterprise plan, speeches are not used to train AI models. Your style guide/ brand voice content only shows up on your instance of Yoodli. More details at

Admins can see aggregate reports on user progress and engagement with the platform. You can add and remove members, assign them into cohorts (eg. early career employees v/s senior executives), and add your best practice videos/ branding to Yoodli