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with confidence

Get real-time feedback from your private and judgment-free AI speaking coach anytime you're in an online meeting

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AI-powered Meeting Coach in action

Yoodli AI Sales Enablement

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How Yoodli Works

Set up the desktop app

Download the Yoodli desktop app and connect your calendar. Yoodli will automatically give you coaching during the calls you care about!

Get private live coaching

Yoodli will give in-the-moment nudges to help you sound confident during your call. Don't worry, it's only analyzing you!

Track your progress over time

Measure your improvement with a dashboard showing your statistics over time! See how you're doing relative to recommended benchmarks

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Yoodli has helped 300,000+ professionals improve their speaking skills

Tsvi Tannin


It's completely private - it only analyzes my voice so I don't have to awkwardly tell the other person I'm using Yoodli. I love the reminders to slow down, avoid noninclusive language, and hit my talking points

Tsvi Tannin, PM at Google

Completely private

Yoodli only analyzes your voice, so you don't have to let anyone know you're using it

Real-time analytics

Get gentle nudges to course correct during your calls

Get weekly progress reports

Track how you're doing on your calls during the week

Other ways to use Yoodli

Practice an interview with live follow-up questions

Get feedback on your content and delivery with AI Speech Coach

Warm up your speaking with AI-powered drills