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How Yoodli Works

Choose your audience

Personalize the audience for your presentation - peers, technical, business, etc.

Practice your speech

After you practice, opt-in to receive AI follow-up questions

Receive instant feedback

We'll generate your speaking report with analytics such as pacing and filler words, and suggestions to improve

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Tsvi Tannin


It's completely private - it only analyzes my voice so I don't have to awkwardly tell the other person I'm using Yoodli. I love the reminders to slow down, hit my talking points, and being able to skim the transcript when I'm recapping my day

Tsvi Tannin, PM at Google

Practice before important presentations

Build your confidence and fine-tune your content by recording and practicing with follow-up questions

See live analysis during your actual presentation

Use Yoodli during your speeches and presentations to get nudges to slow down or hit your talking points, all without your listeners knowing

Get a summary report afterward

Get a report on how you did during your actual presentation and take notes to improve next time!

Other ways to use Yoodli

Get private speech coaching during your online meetings.

Improve your conversational skills with the AI-powered conversation coach

Practice an interview with live follow-up questions