25 Content Marketing Interview Questions & Practical Prep Advice

November 26, 2023

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25 Content Marketing Interview Questions & Practical Prep Tips

Are you gearing up for a content marketing job interview? In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find practical tips on how to launch or advance your content marketing career. We provide advice to help you enter the industry and point you to the top job boards for finding openings. Next, we dive into common content marketing interview questions and point you to a handy tool that will help you practice your answers.

This guide puts you on the path to landing your dream content marketing job. By the end, you’ll know how to convey your strongest self when you meet with hiring managers and recruiters.

A Career in Content Marketing

According to Reliablesoft, content marketing is a growing industry. The typical career path in content marketing includes roles such as content specialist, content marketer, content strategist, content marketing manager, and content marketing director.

To get started in content marketing, understand how content marketing works. Learn how to create a content strategy and target specific digital marketing channels. Develop writing skills and learn copywriting, possibly through a certification course such as HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification Course.

Consider starting a content marketing blog to practice and showcase your skills. Develop research skills, including keyword research. Learn how to create popular content types, such as listicles and pillar pages. Build an online reputation through an attractive web design and a professional and consistent social media presence.

A good way to enter the field is to start with an entry-level content marketing job and work toward a manager position. In the U.S., the annual salary can range from $36,000 to $139,000 depending on the position, experience, and location.

Where to Look for Content Marketing Jobs

Of course, before you can land content marketing interviews, you have to apply for jobs. It’s easy to get started on your search. Here are some good places to look for content marketing jobs:

  • Job sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, Glassdoor, and SimplyHired. On those sites, search with keywords such as “content marketing,” “content strategist,” and “content writer.”
  • Company websites. Many businesses post jobs on their own careers page. Look at marketing agencies, PR firms, publishers, e-commerce companies, SaaS companies, and more.
  • Professional associations such as the Content Marketing Institute, American Marketing Association, and Public Relations Society of America often list job openings.
  • Social media. Follow relevant hashtags such as #contentmarketingjobs, #hirecontent, and #marketingjobs. Many jobs get posted on X and LinkedIn.
  • Job boards for marketing roles such as MarketingHire, MarketerHire, and Mediabistro.
  • Marketing conferences. Network with potential employers, as many connections can lead to unposted opportunities.
  • LinkedIn Groups for content marketers. Engage regularly, and watch for job posts.
  • Sign up for job alerts on sites you like so open roles get emailed to you automatically.
  • Check university career centers, especially if you’re a recent graduate. Many companies recruit entry-level talent from colleges.

The key is to cast a wide net and be persistent. New content marketing jobs open up daily. The right one for you is out there.

Common Content Marketing Interview Questions

In your content marketing interviews, you can expect technical questions on measuring campaign success and SEO optimization. Be ready for competency questions on handling difficult clients and discussing successful campaigns you’ve worked on.

We’ve collected 25 typical content marketing interview questions and organized them into categories to help you prepare.

Your Background and Experience

  • What topics do you specialize in?
  • What types of content do you have experience creating?
  • Describe your experience creating and implementing a content marketing strategy.
  • What do you consider your most successful content piece? What made it successful?
  • Who’s involved in the content creation process in your current role?
  • Looking at your test project, did it feel familiar? Were you able to use past experience to complete it?

Your Process

  • What’s your typical process for editing and proofreading content?
  • What tools do you typically use as part of your process?
  • How do you approach a topic you haven’t looked into before?
  • How do you verify the quality of a source of information?


  • Do you usually work solo or with a team?
  • Do you have experience managing a team?
  • How would you work with a teammate who has different ideas of what needs to be done?
  • Describe an instance when you supervised a group of content makers for a project.

Goals and Strategy

  • How do you determine if a piece of content is successful?
  • How do you measure the success of your content marketing efforts?
  • What metrics do you consider when analyzing a campaign?
  • How do you market your content after publication?

Skills and Knowledge

  • How do you handle topic ideation and keyword research?
  • Explain how Google ranks content.
  • What strategies get others to connect with your content?
  • How do you stay updated on digital marketing trends?

Company Fit

  • What do you think our company’s voice is? How would you write for our voice?
  • Looking at our blog, what’s the biggest flaw and best quality you notice?
  • What’s something new you could bring to our team?

How to Prepare for a Content Marketing Job Interview

Now that you have a good idea of what to expect in regard to content marketing interview questions, let’s review some tips to prepare to answer those questions and ace an interview. While there’s no foolproof method to stand out, preparation and drawing on personal experiences are key.

Before your interview, research the company and job description thoroughly. Review your portfolio, and prepare answers that highlight your creativity, analytical abilities, communication skills, and technical expertise.

During the interview, emphasize how you can improve the company’s marketing efforts rather than focusing too much on your background. Pitch strategies that demonstrate your value and preparedness. For example, review their website and newsletter and suggest optimizations such as alternative headlines or better lead gen forms. Reference industry benchmarks and how you can exceed them.

Avoid common mistakes such as rambling about yourself. Instead, tailor responses around solving the company’s target customer’s problems. Show you understand their business and have innovative ideas to take their content marketing to the next level.

How to Practice Answering Content Marketing Job Interview Questions

Yoodli’s interview flow tool can help you prepare to answer content marketing interview questions. Yoodli uses generative AI to simulate interviews. Here’s the best part: The tool creates personalized follow-up questions based on your answers so you can practice thinking on your feet and prepare to answer personalized questions.

After the interview simulation, Yoodli provides analytics on your performance. This includes insights on your eye contact, filler words, body language, pacing, and conciseness. When you internalize this feedback, you’ll sound more confident and engaging in interviews. Yoodli also gives you the option to record your interviews and share them with mentors for feedback.

Essentially, Yoodli acts as an AI-powered communication coach that can help you prep for interviews. The goal is to come away sounding more polished and persuasive when speaking on your feet.

Wrapping Up

You now have the key tools and knowledge to confidently pursue a content marketing role. With an understanding of the industry landscape, helpful resources for finding openings, familiarity with common interview questions, and strategies to make an exceptional impression, you can showcase your abilities with poise.

As you prepare for interviews, continue seeking feedback from mentors, emphasizing transferable skills gained through past projects and experiences. Stay up-to-date on emerging digital platforms and trends. But, most importantly, be proud of what makes you a unique fit. Now that you know what content marketing hiring managers look for and how to convey genuine interest, accept nothing less than the right organizational culture and position matching your talents.

You worked diligently to get here. Maintain self-awareness, and believe this is just the start of an engaging career path ahead. Best of luck as you make your next move!



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