25 Tesla Interview Questions to Be Ready For

November 27, 2023

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Have an interview coming up at Capital One? It’s an exciting opportunity. Definitely plan and set aside some dedicated time to practice some essential Capital One interview questions. 

In this how-to guide, we’ll break down the entire Capital One interview process, including ways to prepare, company-specific interview questions, and even common FAQs to check out pre-interview. 

What to Know About the Tesla Interview Process

If you’ve never interviewed with Tesla before, it’s only natural to wonder what the overall process is like.

Knowing the overall Tesla interview process can not only help you prepare but also help you feel more comfortable going into it.

How hard is it to get a Tesla interview?

The difficulty in getting an initial Tesla interview depends on many factors, like where you’re based, how many applications the company gets, what its budget is, and other aspects. Still, it’s safe to say that it’s not easy getting a Tesla interview. 

Especially with regard to roles in software engineering, Tesla gets a massive amount of applications every year. That being said, the acceptance rate is reported to be around 0.5%, which suggests it can be difficult to score an interview with Tesla. 

Are Tesla interviews tough?

Although no interview is truly easy, Tesla interviews are known for being difficult. It definitely depends on the interview, but if you’re in the field of software engineering, the interviewer will evaluate your problem-solving and programming skills in depth.

How long is a Tesla interview?

Unfortunately, there’s no set time for each Tesla interview. In other words, one person’s interview could be set for 30 minutes and another person applying for a different position could be an hour long. It’ll depend on the position you’re interviewing for but generally, you should prepare for a 30 minute to an hour interview.

How long is the process to get hired at Tesla?

Even though there’s no straight answer as to how long the entire hiring process at Tesla actually takes, people report that the process from start to finish is usually about a month. However, people have reported anywhere from a single week to more than a month.

Does Tesla drug test?

No, Tesla doesn’t drug test. Although it is a drug-free workplace, employees report that they didn’t need to pass a drug test as part of the onboarding process and that current employees are also not drug tested. 

Preparing for Tesla Interview Questions

A Tesla interview is definitely one you want to prepare for. To best prepare for your upcoming interview, plan to do things like:

  • Practice Tesla interview questions 
  • Dress appropriately 
  • Research the company and your position

1. Conduct a mock interview to practice Tesla interview questions. 

One of the most underrated ways to prep for an interview is by conducting a mock interview for yourself. For example, you might have a friend or family member ask you some questions as if it were a real interview. One of the best ways is to practice some Tesla interview questions through a free tool like Yoodli.

Yoodli offers its users a realistic, virtual interview simulation that’s completely customizable. For example, you can change the interview tone from friendly to serious to get a better idea of what you could experience. You can choose questions from Yoodli’s query bank or input your own, like Tesla interview questions.  

But Yoodli goes way beyond just simulating an interview. This communication technology tool also provides you personalized feedback based on how you respond to the question. That way, you’re not left wondering what you need to improve on. 

Yoodli evaluates your speaking pace, how loud you speak, your word choice, and even your body language, such as eye contact. Based on these metrics, this AI interviewer gives you specific things to work on, whether that’s decreasing how many filler words you use or rephrasing the way you answered an interview question. 

You can then use this actionable feedback to ace any and all Tesla interview questions that come your way during your actual interview. You can start by downloading Yoodli directly to your desktop for free. 
To learn more about how this works (including follow-up questions created by generative AI) and how to use it to practice Tesla interview questions, check out our explainer below:

You can easily practice Tesla interview questions with Yoodli.

2. Dress to impress. 

Wearing appropriate attire is essential for a successful interview with Tesla. It’s a safe bet to wear something in the realm of business casual.  

For example, appropriate outfits could include fits such as: 

  • A blazer with a skirt or tailored pants and loafers, paired with a statement necklace or scarf
  • A business suit over a white shirt with dress shoes and a patterned tie for some added personality
  • A tailored suit over a statement top or white blouse and heels
  • A vibrant blouse with classic trousers and loafers or flats
  • A dress with a modern print and heels or ankle boots
  • A sports coat or blazer paired with a solid color shirt and chinos or dark-wash jeans with dress shoes

You can dress both professionally and include some of your personality with accessories like ties, necklaces, earrings, or scarves, for example. Just make sure you’re comfortable and confident in what you choose to wear.

3. Research Tesla and the industry as a whole.

Most people have heard of the brand Tesla. Still, that’s not enough information to go into the interview with. You should aim to put in some dedicated research around the Tesla company so you’ll have an impressive foundation. 

Perhaps the most obvious way to go about this is by poking around Tesla’s website. Here, you’ll be able to find necessary information to build that foundation, like the brand’s: 

  • Services and products
  • Values
  • History
  • Mission

For an even deeper understanding, you can check out the “About Us” page. Here, you can read more about its efforts toward sustainable practices, product safety information, and how to join the Tesla team. 

Before your interview, you should know and be ready to discuss the products Tesla offers currently. This includes not only its electric cars, but also the autonomous driving tech and energy storage solutions.  

In terms of the industry, you can check out Tesla’s social media and independent news articles to see the latest information surrounding the company, including any potential challenges the brand or the industry as a whole are facing. 

Tesla Interview Questions to Practice

As soon as you have the time, go ahead and plan to practice a few Tesla interview questions, whether that’s with a friend, a family member, the mirror, or Yoodli. 

Most common Tesla interview questions

Here are some of the most common Tesla interview questions to run through: 

  1. Tell me about a time where you went above and beyond to solve an issue at work. What was the outcome?
  2. Why work at Tesla?
  3. Share an example where you had to make a difficult choice under a tight deadline or pressure. How did you address the situation and what happened?
  4. Let’s say you could design a new Tesla service or product or service. What would it be and why?
  5. Why did you leave your last job?
  6. Explain to me a strategy for increasing the efficiency of the production and manufacturing processes at Tesla. 
  7. Tell me how you would handle a recall or potential safety concern with regard to one of our Tesla products.
  8. What’s a characteristic about you that’s not on your resumé?
  9. List and explain the various kinds of batteries used in electric vehicles. What are their advantages and disadvantages? 
  10. What are the main principles of data protection and cybersecurity with regard to cars and autonomous driving systems?
  11. What motivates you in the workplace?
  12. Let’s say you’re asked to develop a marketing campaign to boost awareness of the energy storage solutions that Tesla offers for businesses and homes. What would your strategy be and how would you begin? 
  13. How would you create a plan to pinpoint and address areas for improvement for Tesla’s customer service satisfaction ratings for maintenance and repair centers?
  14. Why is sustainability important to you?
  15. Give me an example of a time when you had to work with a challenging client or customer. How did you approach the situation?
  16. Tell me about a time you worked well as part of a team. What was your job and what did you contribute?
  17. What coding languages are you proficient in?
  18. How do you address and overcome obstacles in your work? What are your personal strategies for mitigating setbacks?
  19. What would be your first steps toward boosting customer satisfaction for Tesla’s electric cars? 
  20. Let’s say a client is having technical issues with their Tesla. How would you start to find a solution?
  21. Give me a rundown on regenerative braking and Tesla uses it in its cars. 
  22. Talk to me about what role artificial intelligence and machine learning plays in Tesla’s autonomous driving technology.
  23. Tell me a little bit about your understanding of specific automotive engineering principles, such as vehicle dynamics, powertrain systems, and aerodynamics.
  24. Imagine that a client is expressing range anxiety, particularly concerns about how many charging stations are available for their Tesla. How would you acknowledge their concerns and put their mind at ease?
  25. Let’s say a customer voices concerns about Tesla’s battery manufacturing process, particularly environmental concerns. How would you address their concerns and tell them about Tesla’s sustainability efforts?

Tesla Interview FAQs

If you still have questions, don’t worry. You’re certainly not alone. To add a little bit more context, here are the most common Tesla interview FAQs. 

What are the odds of getting hired at Tesla?

Unfortunately, the odds of getting hired at Tesla are actually pretty low. Only about 0.5% of people who apply get a job at Tesla. This makes the company more exclusive than any university across the globe. 

Do all Tesla employees get a car?

No, not all Tesla employees get a car when they get hired. Still, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t ever happen. 

People have reported that employees occasionally are provided with a company car that can function as their personal vehicle or is shared amongst a group of employees. Still, definitely don’t count on Tesla giving you a car if you score a job there. 

How well does Tesla pay?

In general, Tesla pays pretty well. Average Tesla salaries range from around $49,000 per year (for a customer service manager, for example) to $170,700 per year (for a staff engineer). It’ll depend on what position you accept, where you live, and your experience. 

For hourly employees, the salary ranges from about $13 per hour to $40 per hour.

Does Tesla hire dropouts?

Tesla is a company that does hire people who didn’t go to college (or people who did go to college but dropped out). This seems to be an industry trend among other companies in this industry as well. 

Does Tesla provide uniforms?

It depends. If a uniform is necessary for the employee, Tesla will certainly provide it. For example, an employee who works with cars during the assembly process will be issued a uniform to decrease any risk of damage to the inside and outside of the car during production.

However, keep in mind that not all positions at Tesla require an employee to wear a uniform. 

The Bottom Line 

Tesla is one of the largest, most recognized brands out there, especially when it comes to vehicles. If you’ve scored a Tesla interview, you should be excited and proud of yourself. 

To increase your chances of acing the interview, just remember to put in a little prep work and use Yoodli to practice a few Tesla interview questions. 



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