Best Product Tester Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

January 15, 2024

8 min read

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If you’re looking to make a little extra cash, finding a product tester job might be a good option for you. It’s a cool way to not only make some money, but also to explore and engage with new products and brands. 

In our comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about product tester jobs, from the types of positions, how to get a job testing, and which companies offer these kinds of roles.

What Are Product Tester Jobs?

Product tester jobs are positions that allow people to get paid for testing a company’s products or services. If you like to work from home or are looking for a remote job, product tester jobs could be a good choice.

How to Use AI to Practice Interviewing for Product Tester Jobs

If the product tester job you’re interested in requires an interview, practicing interviewing is a great way to prepare. Leveraging an AI-powered tool like Yoodli makes this even easier.  

Yoodli is an AI-powered interview coach that evaluates your interview skills to give actionable feedback you can use to improve. It’s a completely customizable experience which makes it one of the most realistic interview simulators out there. 

Practice interviewing for your product tester job with Yoodli.

To start, choose a role and company to apply to. If you don’t have a specific company or role you’d like to practice for, you can leave these blank for a more generalized experience.

Then, select your AI interviewer’s personality. You can experiment with an AI interview who’s more friendly, reserved, or professional, among other options. Finally, you can pick specific interview questions you could get asked for product tester jobs so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. 

A screenshot showing how Yoodli can help prepare you for a product tester job interview
Yoodli can easily help you prepare for your next product tester job interview.

While you answer these interview questions, Yoodli analyzes how you answer. Based on your responses, this tool gives you not only metrics related to your speaking but also direct input you can use to elevate your interview skills. 

Set yourself apart from the crowd with some dedicated practice for best results. Just be sure to use the STAR method while answering to make sure your responses are thorough.

Types of Product Tester Jobs

Product tester jobs are versatile in that there are tons of positions across a number of different industries and areas. 

Here are five types of product tester jobs that could be right for you. 

Accessibility product tester jobs

Accessibility testing is a type of product tester job that ensures the product is user-friendly and accessible for those with disabilities. Companies that prioritize DEIB often offer accessibility testing. 

For example, if you work in this area, you’ll likely: 

  • Use assistive devices (such as screen readers) to make sure the product is accessible and works as it should
  • Pinpoint obstacles that crop up
  • Offer up feedback to improve the product with the disabled community in mind

Beta testers

Another common product tester job is beta testing. Before products are released to the market, beta testers will evaluate them for any bugs, issues, or other problems. The goal for beta testers is to pinpoint these issues beforehand to improve the experience of users. 

For those interested in beta testing, you should prepare to do tasks like: 

  • Completing surveys about the product
  • Using the first version of the product to test it
  • Participating in feedback forums
  • Pinpointing and reporting issues

Usability product tester job

With usability product tester jobs, the focus is on how user-friendly the product or service is. The goals of usability testing include evaluating how easy (or difficult) it is to use a product and how simple it is to learn how to use it. Usability product testers also aim to get a better idea of how the user experience is for people using apps, hardware, websites, and software. 

In this position, some of the responsibilities you could have include things like: 

  • Checking out different prototypes for websites, apps, and various hardware and software
  • Giving direct feedback to the designers or creators
  • Pinpointing potential issues

Game testing

For some people, becoming a game tester is a dream come true. Game testing is a type of product tester job that attracts many creatives. Although it might seem endless fun, it’s more than just playing games. 

The main objectives for game testing are to pinpoint any glitches or bugs and to make sure from a user perspective, that the game is fun to play. 

As a game tester, you’ll probably do things like: 

  • Experiment and play through the game’s levels to identify and report glitches, bugs, or other areas of concern
  • Offer your thoughts and feedback on aspects of the game, including the storyline 
  • Be a participant in internal sessions for playthroughs and discussion 

Quality assurance product tester jobs

Quality assurance product testers (also called QA product testers) evaluate the quality of a product. Their main job is to search for any mistakes, bugs, or defects in the product before the product officially launches. QA product testers often test hardware and software.

If you’re interested in a QA product tester job, be prepared to do things like: 

  • Collaborate and work with developers to solve issues
  • Learn and follow regulations set by the developer
  • Pinpoint and report bugs and other problems
  • Use test cases

How to Score a Product Tester Job

The first step in getting a product tester job is deciding what areas you’d like to work in, be it video games, cosmetics, apparel or something else entirely. Once you’ve nailed down what you want to do, the next step is perfecting your resume and cover letter. 

Make sure you include all of your relevant work experience and any special high income skills that might make you more of an asset as a product tester. 

Networking is extremely important when looking to find a product tester job. Connections are everything. Start by seeking out professionals in the product testing industry and connecting with them. You can get advice and ask questions related to product testing that they might be able to answer. 

A great place to start is LinkedIn, but you can also attend events, conferences, and even join online forums and groups. 

Companies That Offer Product Tester Jobs

There are loads of companies and brands scouting for potential product tester job applicants. Usually, they hire on an “as needed” basis. 

Here are some of the top companies that offer product tester jobs.

Amazon product tester jobs

Not surprisingly, Amazon product tester jobs are pretty common. To find one, look for Amazon reviewer websites. These sites are usually scouting for testers to test and review their products. 

Amazon offers a service called “Amazon Vine,” which is an invitation-only product tester job. People who use Amazon often and leave thoughtful reviews on the site could be invited to be a “Vine Voice” — AKA, an Amazon product tester. 

Product tester for Nike

To be a product tester for Nike, the process is very similar. You’ll start by applying to be a product tester for Nike. If you’re chosen to move forward, you’ll get a test packet and a product to test. 

The job mainly entails the product tester testing the item and then sending Nike feedback via its website. Lastly, you return the product and the process starts all over again with a new item.

Other companies that offer product tester jobs

Besides Amazon and Nike, there are also other companies offering product tester jobs when needed. 

Some of the most sought-after brands for product testing opportunities are: 

Product Tester Jobs FAQs

Because product tester jobs are so desired, there are a lot of frequently asked questions surrounding this industry and the work that comes with it. 

Here are the most common FAQs potential product testers have.

Is being a product tester legit?

Being a product tester is a legitimate job. However, there are tons of product tester jobs that are actually scams posing as product testing opportunities. 

Always be wary of these types of scams. If the request for product testing has lots of typos and grammatical errors, it could be a scam. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do product testers get paid?

Generally, yes, product testers get paid. However, that doesn’t mean all product testers across the board get paid. 

Instead, companies and brands might offer compensation in ways besides a paycheck, including: 

  • Gift cards
  • Free samples or “swag”
  • Points that can eventually be exchanged for money or products
  • Permission to keep the products they test

How much do online product testers make?

The amount of money you make as an online product tester depends. On average though, an online product tester makes about $37 per hour. 

Still, keep in mind that product testers usually aren’t salaried employees, so this hourly rate will depend on how many jobs and products you’re testing. 

Is product testing a good side hustle?

Yes, product testing is a great option for a side hustle. Although it’s not for everyone, plenty of people love the freedom that comes with product tester jobs and the new and exciting items they get to evaluate. 

Can anyone become a product tester?

Anyone who wants to become a product tester can become one. There’s no special certifications, qualifications, or degrees a person needs to have to be able to score a product tester job. 

Do product testers get free stuff?

Occasionally, product testers do get free samples and brand “swag.” Still, not every product tester will get free things. 

Many product tester jobs require the tester to ship back the product after they’ve evaluated it instead of keeping it. It all depends on the company that hires you.

The Bottom Line 

Product tester jobs are a hot commodity and finding an opportunity can be tricky. If you have any interest in product testing, definitely explore some of the types of jobs available. 

If the product tester job you’re interested in requires an interview, just don’t forget to practice beforehand. 



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