Best Public Speaking Classes in San Diego

February 26, 2023

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Public Speaking is hard! Here's a list of the top public speaking classes in San Diego to get you started on your speaking journey!t

If the thought of speaking in front of a group makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Glossophobia is a common fear that affects nearly two-thirds of the population. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of outstanding public speaking classes in San Diego that cater to various budgets and learning styles. Enrolling in one of these courses can help you conquer your fears and start your path to becoming a self-assured speaker.

1. Yoodli AI Speech Coach

Assessing your current abilities before investing in a coach or course is a wise decision. Yoodli provides an outstanding AI speech coach that can assist you in this and more. You can start by practicing a speech or playing games, and Yoodli’s AI technology will promptly provide feedback on vital factors, including filler words, speed, eye contact, body language, and other metrics. By incorporating these metrics into your daily routine, you can continually improve your communication skills with Yoodli, regardless of the speaking occasion, such as a job interview, presentation, or meeting.

Used by thousands of corporate professionals, including 300k+ Toastmasters across 160+ countries, Yoodli provides private, pressure-free practice and is a cost and time-effective way to get started on your public speaking journey.

An Overview of Yoodli!

2. San Diego Toastmasters (District 5)

If you’re looking to enhance your public speaking skills, Toastmasters is an excellent choice. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping individuals improve their abilities in public speaking and leadership. During Toastmasters meetings, members practice their speaking skills in a safe and supportive environment, engaging in various activities such as delivering practice speeches and participating in impromptu speeches through table topics, among others. The encouraging atmosphere fosters a sense of community, enabling members to learn effectively while forming valuable connections to assist them on their journey. To find a San Diego Toastmasters club that suits your schedule, simply click on the provided link.

(P.S. Check out this great post on how Toastmaster Members competing in speaking competitions use Yoodli to win!)

3. Jared Kubicka-Miller

For a customized approach, you may want to collaborate with Jared Kubicka-Miller! He is a communication consultant, and associate professor of communication at Santiago Canyon College. He specializes in argument visualization and mind-mapping. Working with Jared Kubicka-Miller is an excellent way to enhance your communication skills in San Diego!

4. TJ Walker’s 1-Hour Public Speaking Presentation Skills Class

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and time-efficient approach to enhancing your public speaking abilities, you may want to consider TJ Walker’s 1-Hour Public Speaking Udemy Course. This course is ideal for individuals who have a tight schedule but still want to improve their speaking skills quickly. It covers fundamental public speaking techniques, such as projecting confidence, maintaining composure, and appearing relaxed. Additionally, it provides training on delivering virtual presentations and leveraging storytelling to make your speeches more compelling. It’s an excellent starting point for refining your skills within a short duration.

5. Lisa Kleiman of Speaktopia

If you’re looking for a personal coach in San Diego, you may want to consider collaborating with Lisa Kleiman of Speaktopia. Lisa is passionate about helping people develop their presence and authentic voice and become confident and polished public speakers, ultimately not only getting good at it but also enjoying the journey. Working with Lisa is a great way to improve your public speaking skills!

While public speaking can be daunting, the public speaking classes in San Diego above can help you start swiftly improving your skills. We here at Yoodli wish you the best of luck with your public speaking endeavors!


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