10 Best Speech Coaches in Australia and New Zealand

March 7, 2023

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Sally Prosser

If you’re looking for a speech coach in Australia and New Zealand, look no further! This blog covers our carefully curated list of the best speech coaches in Australasia.

Speech Coach Rating Criteria

Yoodli works with thousands of speech coaches around the world, ranging from TEDx trainers, speech-language-pathologists, executive coaches, to Toastmasters World Champions of public speaking. We picked the top coaches based on whether they met the following criteria:

  1. Train clients both in person and in virtual settings (Zoom-coaching)
  2. Work with individuals, groups, or enterprises
  3. Are currently open to new clients
  4. Have the best reviews on the Yoodli AI speech coaching platform

Best Speech Coaches in Australia and New Zealand

In no particular order, here are the 10 best speech coaches in Australia and New Zealand.

Shil Shanghavi

Shil Shangavi, one of the top 10 best speech coaches in Australia and New Zealand

Shil Shanghavi is a public speaking specialist and a TEDxPerth lead speaker coach. 

He’s also known for conquering his biggest fear: stuttering while speaking. Described as an extraordinary public speaker, Shanghavi pushes past the stigma and challenges of having a severe stutter — one that affects his everyday communication as well as public speaking — to achieve his dream of being a powerful, compelling speaker. He does so through a plethora of methods — methods that allow him to deliver meaningful speeches to vast audiences. 

In fact, Shanghavi has a documentary called “SHIL,” which takes audience members on a deep dive into his speech impediment and how it’s affected his life. In the film, viewers can explore Shanghavi’s path to becoming a public speaking expert with a severe stutter. 

Because he’s a public speaking expert, Shanghavi builds on these strategies so he can share them with his audiences. Listening to Shanghavi speak is an uplifting experience, personal to every individual he meets. 

For those looking to improve their speech, Shanghavi offers workshops and keynotes around storytelling, sharing stories, and public speaking and how these methods extend into both their personal and professional lives. 

In addition, his one-on-one coaching covers the most common reasons for public speaking improvement, including coaching for:

  • Keynote speakers
  • TEDx speakers
  • Event speakers
  • Wedding speeches

Sally Prosser

Sally Prosser — also known simply as “Sal” — is a well-known public speaking coach. You might recognize her from her TikTok, @sallyprosservoice, where she discusses all things communication, like a day in the life of a private speech coach:

Sally Prosser explains what daily life looks like as a private speech coach.

Unlike many people, Prosser has always loved public speaking and, as a child, practiced speeches (complete with a hairbrush as a microphone) in her mirror. Her specialties include debating, drama, speech, and public speaking. 

Prosser spent years as a radio and television journalist, leveraging her public speaking skills to inform audiences through the largest networks in Australia, including the ABC, Ten, and Seven. She also coached other journalists to build on their speaking skills and confidence. Prosser left her position to pursue coaching full-time. 

She coaches everyone, from TEDx speakers to podcasters and those working in media, among others. Prosser also runs team workshops, media training, and keynote speaking, and is available for booking.

Emily Edgeley

Emily Edgeley, one of the top 10 best speech coaches in Australia and New Zealand

Public speaking coach Emily Edgeley struggled with presenting during her time at university. She was studying cyber security and pure maths, and excelled at analytics; however, public speaking was another matter entirely. 

Due to her drive and perseverance, Edgeley pivoted to focus on improving her public speaking abilities. She spent years honing her skills and now offers her expertise to anyone looking to improve their communication skills — especially those working in the technology sector. 

Edgeley excels in encouraging people to enjoy public speaking and provides a number of services (both in-person and online) including speech coaching. More than a thousand people — spanning more than 55 group sessions — have benefited from her teachings. She’s also privately coached nearly a hundred clients, and currently offers individualized coaching

Thomas Hendrick

Tom Hendrick, one of the top 10 best speech coaches in Australia and New Zealand

Thomas Hendrick, who often goes by Tom, is an experienced speaking trainer with Talent Academy. He leads both one-on-one training and group workshops. 

Hendrick has a rich history of experience, from his time as a tax lawyer to professional public speaking. He’s worked with not only those looking to improve their public speaking skills, but also with businesses, professional associations, and government entities. 

Hendrick’s speaking training approach is divided into three distinct parts: 

  • Working toward tangible results while presenting
  • Discovering methods to decrease prep time
  • Avoiding what he calls “presentation dead space” through guiding principles from top communication experts

Those interested can contact Talent Academy for services in Adelaide, Australia, or online. 

John Maybury

Presentation coach John Maybury aims to help people “speak with impact.” He offers a multitude of services, including: 

  • Training for podcasters
  • Mock video interviews for interview prep
  • One-on-one video training
  • Group or private speaking training 
  • Business story coaching
  • Public speaking training

As a presentation coach and public speaking expert, Maybury can help people tackle their glossophobia and make more of an impact when speaking. Clients can learn how to communicate effectively, understand audiences, tell stories, and build their confidence. 

Maybury can be reached for inquiries on his website.

Theo Kapodistrias

Theo Kapodistrias is known for helping business owners and other professionals advance their careers and lives through effective communication. He aims to help others build their confidence and become comfortable with their own voice and capabilities. 

His services are perfect for people who may have trouble speaking up or have been overlooked for opportunities. He offers specialized programs, talks, and private coaching to help empower people, especially those who aim to work on:

  • Networking
  • Presenting
  • Conference speaking
  • Pitching
  • Webinars

People can download Kapodistrias’ free presentation structure guide to start making more of an impact via presentations. 

Catherine Syme

Having a fear of public speaking is very common. Luckily, Catherine Syme is here to change that for people.

Syme is a public speaking coach with an expertise in working with folks who have anxiety around public speaking. She has nearly a decade of experience working with people who dislike public speaking and aim to improve their communication skills. She’s also been a member of Toastmasters for almost a decade. 

For those who feel their fear of public speaking has held them back, Syme works to break down that fear and extend beyond the anxiety. If an average speaking course sounds too intimidating, her services might be the perfect solution. Her expertise makes her one of the best speech coaches in Australia and New Zealand.

Jo Evans (DTM)

Online public speaking coach Jo Evans has a handful of accolades to her name. She’s not only a presentation and public speaking coach, but also a TEDx speaker coach, a life coach, a presenter, and a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Evans describes her approach as a safe, fun, and supportive space that encourages clients to fully appreciate the sessions. These sessions can be one-on-one or in group settings, and participants are based all over the globe. Her offerings can help clients:

  • Build confidence
  • Become an engaging speaker
  • Face public speaking fears

Dale Rees-Bevan

Author of “The Speaking Formula,” Dale Rees-Bevan is a public speaking expert. She’s spent about two decades assisting thousands of people to improve their effective communication skills. Rees-Bevan even competed in the 2017 World Championship of Public Speaking in Vancouver and was a semi-finalist. 

Her list of accomplishments is long, but some of her most notable achievements include:

Her specialty is advancing people’s presenting and speaking capabilities, especially with professional service providers. Rees-Bevan creates communication programs where folks can get constructive, useful, and engaging instruction. 

Brendan Rogers

Brendan Rogers — a public speaking expert — has a self-described goal of improving “the lives of people at work.”

He aims to better the working lives of people by transforming them into confident leaders using his 25 years of experience offering consulting services and working in multinational companies. His services include coaching, speaking, consulting, and workshops.  

Rogers also founded and co-hosts the largest LinkedInLocal networking event in Australia, LinkedInLocal Central Coast

Bonus! Ricky Lien

As a bonus, we have executive voice coach Ricky Lien, who is adept at not only public speaking, but also elevating people’s pitching abilities. 

He’s a former master communication coach and has worked with organizations like Singapore Airlines, NUS Business School, and Dow Chemicals, among others. He coaches in person or via Zoom.

Lien’s program — created for people in professional services, consultants, and coaches — will help folks learn how to: 

  • Tackle self-doubt, anxiety, and fear, as well as imposter syndrome
  • Grab attention with structured ideas
  • Communicate effectively
  • Captivate audiences, including peers, clients, and superiors

The Bottom Line

2 out of 3 people struggle with the fear of public speaking. If you need help, you can’t go wrong with any of the expert coaches listed here. If you’d like to improve your everyday communication skills with a free solution, you can try out http://www.yoodli.ai. Yoodli is an AI powered speech coach that provides analytics on your eye contact, filler words, pacing, and more (used by Toastmasters International to train 300k+ members globally)

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