What Does Big Interview Do?

February 18, 2023

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If you’ve ever had an interview — for a job, internship, or even for a university — you know how nerve-wracking it can be.

Luckily, there are a handful of platforms that use AI technology specifically to help users improve their speaking patterns and speech. Oftentimes, these AI platforms focus on interview prep and practice, to help people excel in interview scenarios. Big Interview is a great example.

Our blog will give you the full overview of the platform and how you can improve your interview skills using artificial intelligence. Let’s get started!

What Is Big Interview?

Big Interview is a paid interview coaching service. It’s used primarily by university students looking to land their first job. It has a question bank of questions you can use to prepare from and then practice. 

You can get access to mock interviews tailored to specific industries or jobs. In most cases, you’ll need to work with your career services department in order to access the platform. Some of the universities using this platform include UC Santa Cruz, Tufts, UConn, and others.

Is Big Interview Helpful?

When considering Big Interview, there are a few benefits worth noting. The biggest advantages are the following:

  • Useful for first-time interviewees: It’s helpful for folks interviewing for the first time and might want simple feedback on how they come across
  • Helpful learning modules: Best practice videos help students improve think through standard questions such as the prompt, “Tell me about yourself”
  • Long university focus: It’s been around for over 10 years so it’s deep rooted in a lot of university career services centers
Yoodli AI Interview Coach helps you during your interviews

Useful for First-Time Interviewees

Big Interview certainly tailors to first-time interviewees especially. For those who haven’t had much experience, Big Interview helps break down the most common questions you can expect. 

This platform provides users with not only the most popular questions, but also sample answers to them as well, so users aren’t left guessing. 

So for someone who doesn’t have lots of experience, getting familiar with these common questions through Big interview is a plus.

Helpful Learning Modules

Another benefit to Big Interview is the learning modules offered. 

Big Interview provides users with learning modules such as: 

  1. “Interview Basics”: As the name suggests, this module should cover everything users need to know about interview basics, like some best practices general guidelines, what you should wear when interviewing, how to decrease your nerves and anxiety, what types of interviews to expect.
  2. “Acing Common Interview Questions”: In this module, Big Interview offers the most commonly asked questions users can expect. The questions come from all different industries. The module also includes sample answers and a template to creating your own answers to these popular questions. 
  3. “Behavioral Interview Questions”: Although many people don’t realize it, behavioral questions are really one of the most popular types of questions interviewers ask. The purpose of this type of question is to get you to show off your skills with a real-life example. This module covers behavioral type questions, including examples (e.g., “Tell me about a time…”)
  4. “Playbooks for Common Challenges”: Not all job candidates are the same. This module addresses various circumstances that might affect your job-seeking journey. For example, this module’s playbooks will cover common challenges, like being introverted, being a service member, being a new graduate, or even being overqualified.  

By using these learning modules, the users should be able to pick up some skills for successful interviewing. 

Long University Focus

One of Big Interview’s benefits is that it has a long history of higher education focus. Big Interview tailors to large universities and colleges as a type of guidance and training for the students of these educational organizations. 

It offers things like: 

  • Written and video curriculum meant to target all types of learners
  • A resume builder
  • A virtual interview practice tool
  • Worksheets and quizzes
  • Lessons on things like social media, professional communication, and workplace etiquette
  • AI-powered feedback

Even so, there are a few drawbacks to Big Interview that you should be aware of. 

Challenges of Big Interview

Big Interview, while a good service, comes with several challenges, such as:

  • It’s difficult to access: Most features require a university login
  • Cost ($79/month — the public version is locked behind a paywall)
  • Surface-level AI analytics

Access Difficulty

Unlike other platforms, Big Interview is a bit inaccessible, which poses a bit of a challenge. 

For example, if you don’t don’t attend a university or college that uses this AI platform, you’re out of luck. To access most of its features, a university login is necessary. 

Although you might be able to get by, most of this platform is only available for those within a university or academic setting.


Perhaps the biggest downside to Big Interview is the cost. There’s no free version of Big Interview, unlike other options. Instead, users can choose from three different subscriptions, including: 

  • “Fast Track”
  • “Best Learner”
  • “Top Achiever” 

The most expensive option is the “Fast Track” subscription, which costs $50 per month. It’s a three-month subscription, so this will cost you $149. 

The middle option is the “Top Achiever,” which costs $42 per month. That’s a six-month subscription, which will run you about $249. 

The least expensive option is the “Best Learner” subscription, coming in at $25 per month. This is a year-long subscription, so you’ll be expected to pay $299 up front. 

However, this brand does offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the first 30 days.

Alternative technologies — such as http://www.yoodli.ai — are free of cost.

Surface-Level AI Analytics

Another challenge of Big Interview to keep in mind relates to its analytics. Although this platform does use AI to provide users with analytics, these metrics seem surface-level. 

For example, this AI platform might provide you with a count of the number of words used, but it’s not as deep as the type of feedback that would be provided by human experts. 

That’s where Yoodli comes in. 

Best Alternative: Yoodli (free) AI Speech Coach

Yoodli is an AI powered interview coach that provides all of the functionality mentioned above and more. With Yoodli you can get:

  • Advanced AI analytics on eye contact, body language, pacing, gestures, lighting and more
  • Real-time feedback during interviews to help them course correct (“slow down”)
  • An instant summary of how the interviewer might perceive your interview (and AI powered follow up questions to practice with)
  • The ability to share your interviews with friends and coaches and get their feedback
  • Play AI powered games to help you practice curveball questions and impromptu speaking topics

Check out the Yoodli AI demonstration below: 

Varun Puri gives a quick Yoodli AI demonstration.

Yoodli is like your personal speech coach that helps you improve your communication skills anywhere and anytime you speak (for example: on an interview, date, presentation, round table discussion, etc.). 

With regard to interview prep, Yoodli’s offerings are some of the best out there. 

Yoodli offers specific preparation and practice for anyone who might have an upcoming interview (or anyone looking to hone their skills). 

What Is Big Interview?
When compared to Big Interview, Yoodli also provides industry-specific interview questions for users to practice — except with Yoodli, it’s free.

You can practice tons of questions with Yoodli’s endless bank of popular queries across a range of industries, from finance to product marketing to consulting (and more!). You can also input your own questions. 

For example, if you have a business school interview coming up, you can input specific questions you want to prepare for. That way, you’re not just practicing the most common, general questions, but also specific interview questions that you can decide on. 

If you really want a challenge, you can also randomize the questions, so that the platform presents you with random questions to keep you on your toes. Whatever you choose, you can use Yoodli to completely elevate your interview and communication skills. 

Toastmasters International — the world’s largest speech coaching organization — is rolling out Yoodli to 300k+ members in 149 countries. Many of the world’s best coaches, including faculty from Stanford, Harvard Business School, Duke, Harvard Kennedy School, are using Yoodli to help students and corporate professionals improve their speaking skills.

The best part? Yoodli is free of cost. You can easily get started at http://www.yoodli.ai.

The Bottom Line

AI technology is perfect for speech coaching, interview prep, and virtually any other communication need (like practicing everyday conversation or small talk). It’s even better when these services don’t cost a thing. 

Take advantage of Yoodli’s free speech coaching and AI analysis capabilities and start the journey to advance your speaking skills. This AI speech coach is used by everyone from colleges and universities, to teachers and students, and TEDx speakers and coaches. 

You can read more about the Yoodli AI platform from top media organizations, like Forbes, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, Geekwire, and more. 

Although Big Interview and Yoodli both have their similarities, Yoodli’s specific benefits and lack of subscription cost makes it the No. 1 contender for your communication coaching needs. 

Try Yoodli today and get personalized, analytics and insights to your speaking patterns and speech.


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