Clari: What You Need to Know

May 25, 2023

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Clari is an AI business tool companies can implement to streamline their revenue operations.

The sales and marketing industry is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. But with AI tools like Clari, things can be a whole lot easier. 

Learn what Clari is, what it does, and other AI business tools you can start using today to improve your brand from the inside out. 

What Is Clari?

Clari is a company that offers a platform and products to facilitate the sales and revenue process for teams. It was founded in 2013 by Venkat Rangan and Andy Byrne. Its headquarters are in the U.S., in Sunnyvale, California. 

Clari stats

To give you a more holistic view of this company and its products, here are some Clari stats to check out: 

  • Clari has made around $520 million in venture capital funding
  • There are over 220,000 users spanning 170 countries
  • The company was recognized as a Bay Area Top Place to Work for the sixth consecutive year

Clari locations

Clari has a few locations around the world. For example, there are offices in: 

  • North America, in the U.S.: Sunnyvale, California
  • India, in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Clari also has remote locations in: 

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Western Asia (the Middle East)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

What Does Clari Do?

In a nutshell, Clari assists companies in optimizing their revenue and sales process operation. 

Although that can look different and vary business-to-business, this could include optimization in the forms of: 

  • Revenue forecasting
  • Enhanced sales execution
  • Improved productivity 

Who can use Clari?

Technically, anyone can use Clari. But in particular, companies that work in the marketing, customer success, and sales industries can benefit most from using this platform. 

For example, brands who use Clari include: 

  • Okta
  • Adobe
  • Qualtrics
  • Dropbox
  • Lenovo

These companies rely on Clari to audit accounts and deals, decrease churn, evaluate business forecasting, and control and monitor pipeline.

How Does Clari Work?

Clari works by leveraging AI and automation to function as a revenue optimization and operations platform. By using AI, this platform connects data from aspects of the business system such as:

  • CRM
  • Calendar
  • Content management
  • Marketing automation
  • Emails
  • Phone data

With this data, Clari organizes it into various potential opportunities to improve aspects of the business, like forecasting, visibility, and other insights. The end goal is to make a company’s revenue and operations systems more efficient and easier to manage. 

Clari Products

Clari offers six main products to run revenue. Here’s a breakdown of each respective product and how they optimize a company’s revenue process. 

1. Capture

Capture’s focus is activity and data quality autocapture. In other words, businesses can use this product to get rid of manual tasks critical to the revenue process. For example, cleaning up information and data entry can be automated by Capture.

Through Capture, teams can enhance the quality of data, whether that’s your team’s calendar, email, or calls.

2. Inspect

With Inspect, companies can use Clari for account and deals inspection as well as managing potential opportunities. Specifically, managers and sales representatives can use it to evaluate any opportunities or accounts and immediately identify and target risk. This allows businesses to act faster when risks crop up. Inspect uses health scores — created with AI technology — to help with this and make managing easier. 

3. Align

The Align product connects your team with clients using mutual action plans. This ensures that clients remain devoted and engaged, while also assuring that the company sales representatives don’t cut corners on essential processes.

For example, with Align, you can: 

  • Manage key stakeholders
  • Share and collaborate on plans
  • Adjust and coordinate business objectives

4. Wingman

Wingman is exactly what it sounds like: a “wingman” to facilitate sales calls through revenue conversation intelligence and coaching.

For example, maybe you or one of your fellow reps can’t join a sales call. Luckily, the revenue conversation intelligence can take over for you, which can help capture deals that you might not have been able to without it.

5. Forecast

For businesses, especially in the sales industry, pipeline management and forecasting are huge. Clari’s Forecast product provides teams with inspection proficiencies, insightful analytics, and a bird’s-eye view of the performance. This ensures that companies have access to all the essential information without wasting extra time gathering and organizing data in a meaningful way.

6. Analyze

The Analyze product is all about analytics. Companies can use dashboards and reporting to gain more visibility into parts of the company that you might not have been able to otherwise. The visuals and analytics can help multiple teams, as they’re both accessible and straightforward. 

Whereas before, companies might be forced to wait weeks for analysis, the analytics are always available.

Clari Pricing

Unfortunately, Clari isn’t very transparent about its pricing. In order to get information about how much its products cost, teams have to individually reach out for a quote based on their ideal package. 

Here’s the breakdown of the three most popular Clari packages that are available.


Clari’s ultimate bundle is the Platform package, which is described as a full scale complete transformation of enterprise revenue. As the ultimate bundle, it includes all features that Clari offers.

For example, businesses with the Platform package get access to all platform features, including: 

  • The Clari Revenue Database (RevDB), which includes data storage, query, and snapshot
  • Data modeling, which includes cleaning, enrichment, and organization of information
  • Integrations, such as for marketing signals, email, account health, CRM, etc.
  • Both web and mobile versions
  • Authentification, SSO, and security 
  • Clari Expertise, which includes trainings, Clari University, and community
  • Premier success package, including maintenance, support, and success team

In terms of Clari products, the Platform bundle gives users the ability to access: 

  • Inspect
  • Inspect+, which includes relationship and activity insights
  • Advanced analysis through Analyze
  • Forecast
  • Capture
  • Align
  • Wingman
  • Stage, which includes training and pre-production testing


On the other hand, the Forcasting package is designed for “full hierarchy” forecasting accuracy. Users gain access to the entire Clari revenue platform, from the revenue database to the premier success package. 

The main difference between Platform and Forecasting is mainly reflected in the products offered. For example, the Forecasting package offers all features except for:

  • Capture
  • Align
  • Wingman
  • Stage

Still, if companies choose the Forecasting bundle, they can add on those aforementioned four features for an additional cost.


The Execution bundle is geared toward your company’s team performance and productivity. Although companies with the Execution package get all the same capabilities of the Clari revenue platform, there are some key differences in what’s offered with regard to products.  

For example, instead of the advanced analytics feature that the Platform and Forecasting bundles offer, companies that have the Execution package only have basic analytics. 

There’s also no option to have the Forecast feature added — not even for an additional cost. 

The other features not included (but that can be purchased for an extra cost) are:

  • Capture
  • Align
  • Wingman
  • Stage

Other AI Business Tools

Clari isn’t the only business tool leveraging AI to improve companies. Here are five other tools that use AI technology to help both brands and individuals in the professional world.

1. Yoodli

Yoodli is an AI speech coach platform that can help businesses and teams improve their communication and presentation skills. For example, employees can use Yoodli to practice an upcoming marketing or sales pitch presentation and get actionable feedback as to what they can improve through advanced analytics. 

These analytics include things like your:

  • Word choice (including filler word usage)
  • Body language 
  • Speaking pace
  • Presentation content

You can also use Yoodli in virtual calls — such as on Zoom or Google Meet — to get real-time tips and nudges that only you can see (nobody else in the meeting or call has access to see these insights). For example, if you’re speaking too quickly, Yoodli might give you a private nudge telling you to slow down. It can also ensure you hit all your key talking points. 

2. Flick

Flick is an AI business tool that simplifies brand social media data. It facilitates everything about social media content from every step of the process, including the brainstorming stage and the planning process. 

For example, Flick can help brands:

  • Brainstorm ideas for content
  • Organize potential ideas
  • Repurpose any long-form content into snackable, social-media-worthy pieces
  • Create clever, meaningful captions
  • Schedule content ideas

3. Optimove

Optimove’s focus is on customer data. This platform gathers data from various areas to then give companies a bird’s-eye view of all the necessary data in one place. From there, brands can evaluate, collaborate, or share the data with key stakeholders. This can facilitate making critical sales decisions. 

It can even recommend which clients might receive too much brand communication or which campaigns to lose based on corresponding data.

4. Phrasee

Brand language is everything these days, and Phrasee uses AI to ensure a company’s language is aligned. It evaluates marketing copy to make sure the brand language is reflected and can create various types of copy based on the social media platform, like Facebook or Instagram. 

It can also make specific copy for push notifications or email. Companies can make their marketing copy more effective and brand-focused with this tool.

5. Acrolinx

Acrolinx is a powerful marketing and sales software that even the largest brands have been using, such as Amazon and Google. The goal of Acrolinx is to make sure the sales content lines up with their respective brand parameters. 

For example, companies using this tool can set tone, grammar, and style to align with the brand. This includes company-specific wording, too. Acrolinx provides recommendations based on this information to improve the language. 

The Key Takeaway

Clari’s platform and respective features can completely transform a business based on their individual needs. Although Clari isn’t transparent about its pricing, there are still three main packages to choose from that offer similar features. 

Improving your business’ or company’s process can be as simple as implementing an AI tool or two. Whether you’re using Clari for revenue optimization or Yoodli for sales presentation practice, AI is an emerging area you’ll want to invest in.


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