Dale Carnegie Training: Tried & True Professional Development

September 17, 2023

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Dale Carnegie Training: Tried & True Professional Development

Dale Carnegie has helped millions of individuals and thousands of organizations over 100 years of its existence. Let’s take a look at how you and your team can develop professional skills with Dale Carnegie Training courses.

What Is Dale Carnegie?

Dale Carnegie is a global organization that offers professional development courses in 35 languages across 80 countries. Their mission is to impact lives through transformational self-improvement experiences. Because they believe that everyone has inherent greatness, they aim to change how people see themselves and the impact they have on the world.

Dale Carnegie Training is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and their trainers undergo rigorous quality standards. They offer online training solutions and customizable learning certificates for employees. Their proven training methods drive success and focus on leadership, presentation skills, people skills, sales, and customer service. They also offer programs for high school students.

The organization has local offices around the world, so you’re likely to find an office in your location.

Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie offers training in a variety of professional development disciplines. Whether they choose to attend sessions in-person or online, participants have access to the same content and trainers.

Training Topics

First, let’s get an overview of the topics that Dale Carnegie Training covers.

Leadership training focuses on empowering leaders to exude integrity and engage employees for increased productivity.

Presentation and public speaking training aims to help individuals inspire and deliver their message with conviction.

People skills training teaches tried and true methods for building authentic relationships and making a lasting impact on others.

Sales training emphasizes the importance of connecting with customers on a personal level to understand their needs and grow revenue.

Customer service training provides tips and techniques for amazing customers and building their loyalty.

Organizational development training offers knowledge and strategies to engage teams and drive profitable action in the workplace.

Dale Carnegie also has training for diversity and inclusion and programs for high school students.

In-Person Training

Dale Carnegie offers in-person training facilitated by certified instructors. It includes hands-on exercises, role-playing, and real-time feedback. If you’re looking to accelerate performance, you’ll find that these programs have a heritage of high quality with over nine million graduates worldwide.

Dale Carnegie offers courses in over 200 locations, 85 countries, and 30 languages. The training offices provide flexibility in terms of course dates and durations. You may browse and enroll in in-person courses on the Dale Carnegie website. To do so, enter your location to find an in-person course near you.

Live Online Training

The organization offers live online training courses for individuals and teams through Dale Carnegie Unlimited and eVolve digital learning. Let’s take a look at each of these options.

Dale Carnegie Unlimited: A Live Online Subscription

Dale Carnegie Unlimited offers live online training with flexible course schedules and customizable learning certificates for individuals, teams, and organizations. When you subscribe, you get access to the largest offering of virtual instructor-led courses in the industry, increasing employee engagement across geographically dispersed and remote workforces.

This platform is easy-to-use with a robust, flexible course schedule, and it offers over 100 hours of online programs scheduled at a variety of times each day.

Dale Carnegie Unlimited enables measurable learner engagement with top tier utilization and completion rates and provides standard and customized learning certificate paths and online badging. It also provides a training community of peers and in-the-moment coaching that drives attitude and performance change.

eVolve Digital Learning & Collaboration

Dale Carnegie eVolve is a digital learning experience platform that integrates various training methods into a seamless blended learning solution. When you sign up, you get single sign-on access to program experiences, live coaching, interactive social collaboration tools, and year-long platform access.

One of this platform’s key elements is social collaboration, providing accountability, support, practice, and recognition for individuals and teams. Awards, badges, and certifications make the training engaging and fun.


Dale Carnegie Leadership Coaching offers customized coaching solutions for leaders that produce business results and personal transformation. The coaching process ensures quality and consistency, and each leader receives the right coach for them.

Dale Carnegie has three coaching solutions:

  • Executive Coaching helps executives navigate an ever-changing workplace, set culture, and engage and retain employees.
  • Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance helps managers to uplevel skillsets and attitudes of leadership to address specific challenges.
  • Performance Coaching enhances the impact of a training investment and sustain skills and transformational impact.

Government Solutions

Dale Carnegie offers custom training solutions for U.S. national and local government agencies to improve service. Their competency-based system focuses on important areas for agency success. They offer a variety of flexible training types, both online and in-person.

Custom Solutions

In addition to their established programs, Dale Carnegie Training also offers customized solutions to improve team performance and engagement levels.


Dale Carnegie provides various white papers, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, videos, case studies, and a blog. You can get these for free on the Dale Carnegie website, although you must enter your contact information to access some resources.


Dale Carnegie’s methods have endured for over a century. When you partner with them, they work with you to define your strategic intent and overcome hurdles, inquiring to determine your organizational needs and develop custom training solutions. They involve everyone in the process, seeking input and addressing competency gaps.

Dale Carnegie Training impacts long-term behavior change and engagement, innovating positive change through transformation and measurable results.


Dale Carnegie has been in business for over 100 years, guiding clients to outpace their competition. Dale Carnegie—the man—was a salesman and aspiring actor who later became known for teaching communications classes to adults at the YMCA.

The world-famous Dale Carnegie Course began in 1912, where he developed techniques that made speakers unafraid to address a public audience. Then, in 1915, Dale Carnegie published his classic book The Art of Public Speaking. Incorporated in 1954, Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., expanded into Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America.

The core program of Dale Carnegie—Leadership Training for Managers—has its roots in the first Dale Carnegie Training leadership courses, which were created in 1967. In 2019 and 2021, Training Industry recognized Dale Carnegie as a Top 20 Leadership Training Company.


Compassion and a desire to help others excel in their careers drives Dale Carnegie’s culture.

Mission: Dale Carnegie’s mission is to improve relationships and provide a better way of life both professionally and personally.

Values: Dale Carnegie values shared vision, trust, accountability, and respect in their organization.

Diversity Statement: Dale Carnegie celebrates and respects the uniqueness of each individual, creating a diverse and inclusive culture.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a tried and true organization to partner with for your professional development, learn more about what Dale Carnegie has to offer.

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