Datapeople 101: What You Should Know

September 7, 2023

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Datapeople is an app that helps streamline the recruitment process.

Recruitment and talent acquisition processes can be extremely stressful. If you’re looking to improve the process, Datapeople is a viable solution.

This program aims to streamline and improve the hiring process through intelligent suggestions for job descriptions and insightful data reports to inform hiring managers and back their decisions.

We’ll give you an overview of what Datapeople is, how it works, and its pros and cons, including alternatives and complementary apps you can use in tandem. 

What Is Datapeople?

Datapeople — previously known as TapRecruit — is a recruitment and talent acquisition solution that aims to improve business’ hiring processes through optimization. 

Based in New York, New York, Datapeople was founded in 2015. The goal was to partner with teams to not only improve the hiring process, but also to make it more fair and efficient with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in mind. 

One of the aspects that helps Datapeople stand out from the crowd is just that — data. Datapeople uses metrics and insights to better support hiring managers and others involved in talent acquisition. 

Who uses Datapeople?

Datapeople’s target audience is hiring managers, talent leaders, and recruiters of all types of employers, whether it’s an up-and-coming startup or an established Fortune 500 business. Clients in more than 80 countries use Datapeople.

The list of brands that use Datapeople is not only lengthy, but it’s also pretty impressive. For example, just a few of the companies who use Datapeople for recruitment and talent acquisition:

  • Buzzfeed
  • Discord
  • Twitch
  • Dow Jones
  • EA
  • Doordash
  • Levi’s
  • Upwork

What does Datapeople do?

Datapeople’s ultimate goal is to facilitate recruiting and talent acquisition while also making the processes more equitable . To do that, this recruiting software helps teams do things like: 

  • Analyze recruiting data to reap the benefits of insightful information (without having to comb through a raw data report)
  • Get a better idea of the candidate pipeline, which can make it easier to make hiring and talent acquisition decisions 
  • Create inclusive job listings to make sure your candidate pool is both diverse and qualified for the position

In fact, Datapeople has helped companies: 

  • Fill positions more than 18 days faster
  • Attract twice as many applicants
  • Increase applicants from minority groups by 25%

Datapeople Advantages

The benefits of Datapeople are central to its features. There are three main products that offer significant advantages to teams:

  • Smart Editor
  • Datapeople Anywhere
  • Datapeople Insights 

To get a better idea of Datapeople and what it can offer recruiting teams, we’ll take a deep-dive into these features. 

Smart Editor

Datapeople’s Smart Editor just might be its claim to fame. This tool allows companies to edit their job postings for things like unconscious bias and inclusivity.

The software can optimize job description with inclusive language while also keeping the respective company’s brand language, tone, and style in mind. Datapeople analyzes the listing, provides a predictive score, and offers suggestions for improvement based on that score.

In particular, the Smart Editor looks at a few critical aspects, including the: 

  • Job title
  • Position requirements
  • Description or listing language

For job titles, Datapeople makes a point to make sure the title aligns with the position requirements. The goal with this tool is to help applicants feel more confident about applying and eliminate any potential confusion 

With position requirements, Datapeople ensures that the recruiting teams set appropriate prerequisites so applicants from different walks of life can be included and considered. Some of the tasks this tool can complete include things like: 

  • Taking out needless experience or education requirements
  • Steering clear of any requirements that don’t make sense
  • Getting rid of unnecessary soft skills

In terms of the description, this tool makes sure companies use clear language to best target a more diverse pool of applicants. For example, Datapeople identifies potentially problematic aspects of job listing language, such as indirect voice, corporate cliches, and excessive or redundant wordiness. 

Datapeople Anywhere

Companies who use Datapeople can use its web browser overlay to create and publish job listings right into your applicant tracking system (ATS). 

This method helps rid recruiters of login fatigue and allows them to work from anywhere. Automating the workflow in such a way allows teams to focus on the more important aspects of the talent acquisition and recruiting process. 

It can also help a brand get ahead and build up stronger applicant pools to streamline effective, efficient recruitment and hiring.  

Datapeople Insights

This software offers companies insights to make recruiting decisions based on data and strategy. The best part? Teams don’t have to do any manual work — Datapeople does it for them. 

In terms of insights, Datapeople can translate ATS data into clear, transparent reports. Every hiring decision should be based on solid data, and Datapeople provides it. At the end of the day, the main benefit of the software’s insights is that teams don’t have to waste time trying to decode inconsistent or confusing data. 

Datapeople Disadvantages

Like any other software or program, Datapeople has a few disadvantages potential users should be aware of — Namely, the lack of pricing transparency, its accessibility issues, and the generic suggestions it produces. 

Here’s more information regarding the drawbacks of Datapeople. 

Lack of pricing transparency

Cost is critically important to companies when considering a recruitment and talent acquisition software. Unfortunately, Datapeople isn’t transparent about its pricing model. Its website — albeit easy to navigate — doesn’t seem to offer up any information or even hints about Datapeople’s subscription cost. 

In order to find out how much a business has to pay in order to use Datapeople’s services, companies will have to reach out directly to this software brand for a quote.

Unfortunately, this is a point of frustration for people looking to gain access to its services.

Not as user-friendly

Clients who use Datapeople have described it as not user-friendly and difficult to get the hang of as its intersurface isn’t intuitive. 

One example that a user cited with regard to the field titles is that they’re set titles that a user is unable to change. Many businesses have suggested that Datapeople make the templates fully customizable, which hasn’t yet happened. 

Generic suggestions

Datapeople makes suggestions for users to optimize job descriptions. However, some users have complained that the suggestions are “generic” and not helpful. 

Not all of the recommendations Datepeople makes align with the position needs, for example. The suggestions have also been described as “irrelevant” by some users. 

In one instance, a user cited that for engineering job descriptions, their industry often uses the term “first principles thinking” — a method of thought in which you would question everything you think you know. However, Datapeople flagged it as an incorrect word to use, so keep in mind that the software doesn’t take into account all known phrases. 

Other Datapeople users reported that the software usually suggests removing soft skills from the job description. As a result, hiring managers feel some frustration toward project-focused roles that don’t have a plethora of quantitative role requirements.

All in all, Datapeople certainly has its pros and cons.

Best Datapeople Alternatives and Complementary Apps

If Datapeople isn’t up your alley, there are plenty of alternatives to check out. However, there are also some complementary apps that can work well with this software. 

Here are four apps to check out to streamline and optimize the recruiting process. 

1. Yoodli

One app that pairs well with Datapeople is Yoodli. Yoodli relies on generative AI to offer suggestions and actionable tips to improve a person’s speech and speaking patterns.

You’ll learn valuable insights on things like:

  • Filler word usage (which ones you use and how many)
  • Your word choice
  • How loud or soft you speak
  • Your body language

You’ll also get a full transcript of what was said. 

If you’re looking to make your workplace more equitable, this is a great option as it provides people with real-time, private feedback on your unconscious biases, too. 

Here’s just one way it can work for recruiters and hiring managers. When you’re interviewing applicants, you can implement Yoodli right in your meeting and it’ll give you tips and pointers without any of the other participants knowing. 

For example, Yoodli will notify you if you’re monologuing, talking over other participants, or if you accidentally use non-inclusive or offensive language. It can also help remind you to hit your key talking points while you’re interviewing the candidate. 

Learn more about it below. 

Yoodli pairs well with Datapeople to improve the recruitment process.

Plus, Yoodli is completely free in comparison to Datapeople.  

2. Textio

Textio is another option to explore. With Textio, the goal is the same: to optimize the hiring and recruitment operations of a business with an emphasis on inclusive language guidance and DEIB. 

You can use this software to keep your biases in check, especially with regard to workplaces. Like Yoodli, it leverages AI to improve the content quality of things like job descriptions, emails, business blogs, and other professional writing. 

Like Datapeople, Textio also isn’t transparent about pricing, but those interested can reach out directly. 

3. 100Hires

An ATS app called 100Hires was created to aid companies in tracking the progress of applicants and the employee life cycle. 

For example, hiring managers can keep resumes from applicants in one database as opposed to keeping up with all of them separately via other methods. You can also schedule interviews and use 100Hires templates to draft emails. 

People who’ve used this software describe it as user-friendly. It offers Gmail and calendar integrations and helps hiring managers find applicants faster. 100Hires also aids in both scheduling and conducting interviews. 

Plus, 100Hires has a free plan for people interested. 

4. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a complementary app that pairs well with Datapeople. In fact, the two partnered to create a Datapeople-Greenhouse integrated workflow. 

This hiring software prioritizes applicant interaction and engagement to facilitate the recruitment and talent acquisition processes so that managers can put their energy into other areas. 

The idea is an all-in-one system where hiring managers and others involved in the recruitment process can help you make better, more informed decisions. 

The Bottom Line

Hands down, Datapeople is a viable option for hiring managers looking to streamline the process. Like most everything, it definitely has pros and cons. 

Still, there are tons of alternatives and complementary apps, such as Yoodli, that you can use in tandem to optimize the recruitment and talent acquisition operations.


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