Everything You Should Know About VMock (Pros, Cons, Alternatives)

February 21, 2023

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What Is VMock

Optimizing anything — especially nuanced things like resumes, speeches, and presentations — can be tricky. Thankfully, today, we have accessible AI options to help us out, like VMock.

VMock is one of these AI-based platforms. It’s designed to help users advance in their career through audio-video analysis and skill detection. 

Whether or not you’ve heard of VMock before, we’ll take a deep dive into everything you should know about VMock, including its pros and cons, and alternative options for those looking for a similar, free AI speech coach.

What Is VMock?

VMock is described as an AI solution for career acceleration. 

Vmock aims to target three segments: the candidate, corporate, and those in higher education.

This platform, which is powered by AI, can help improve resumes and LinkedIn profiles, while also providing you with a personalized dashboard of jobs.

For corporations, VMock can help with:

  • Internal job matching
  • Career profiles
  • SMART career plans
  • Skill gap assessments 

What Are the Biggest Pros of VMock? 

VMock does have some notable benefits to its platform that are worth mentioning. Some of the main benefits include: 

  • Instant benchmarking
  • Audio-video analysis
  • Skill detection
  • Job clustering

Instant Benchmarking

The first benefit to VMock is what the brand calls “instant benchmarking.” This benefit refers to the platform’s ability to analyze user profiles. For example, a user will be evaluated by VMock for various parameters. These include a user’s: 

  • Skills
  • Presentation
  • Competencies
  • Language
  • Among others

Audio-Video Analysis

In a similar vein, VMock’s audio-video analysis stands out as another big benefit. The platform uses audio-video analysis to evaluate and analyze users’ speech, content, and language, among other related parameters. 

People who use VMock will get real-time insights on their communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. For example, users can get feedback on things like their eye contact use, voice modulation, expressions, and pitch, to name a few. 

Skill Detection

VMock relies on machine learning algorithms to provide skill detection for its users. They can get targeted guidance since this platform uses things like machine learning, semantic analysis, and natural language processing (NLP).  

Job Clustering

Another benefit of VMock is its job clustering capabilities. Users can participate in job clustering and parsing by taking key parts from jobs and matching them together.

With this ability, those who use VMock’s platform can make their own clusters and evaluate the jobs that way.

What Are the Biggest Cons of VMock?

StandOut’s services are pretty straightforward. However, there are two primary disadvantages to StandOut: the cost and the platform’s layout.


Pricing is always one of the first things potential users consider with regard to a platform like VMock. However, it doesn’t seem like VMock offers users free trials or free subscription plans. 

At the time of this review, it seems VMock users will have to pay about $19.95 for a premium monthly plan per person. Oftentimes, students and others can get VMock through their university or employer. Either way, there’s currently no free version of VMock. 

Finicky + Nit-Picky Interface

As with many AI-related technologies, the VMock platform can be a bit finicky as well as nit-picky with a few things. This can lead to some frustration. 

For example, when using VMock to evaluate a resume, the “presentation” section can trip users up. Although sometimes, the platform can advise users to do things like check the page margins and date formatting to improve their overall score, a lot of score improvement is guesswork by the users.

Another example within VMock’s resume analysis capability involves “avoided words” — words that the platform recommends you try to steer clear of. These can vary wildly, but examples include: 

  • Which
  • That
  • Fully
  • The

Even though the logic is there — since those words could be considered filler — removing every instance can affect whether or not the sentence or phrase makes sense. 

So users just have to remember to include a bit more nuance when evaluating resumes. 

Busy Layout

Although it’s not always a deal-breaker, VMock can look a little busy in terms of layout, which can be overwhelming if you’ve never used a platform like it before. 

Even so, VMock allows users to click “insights,” which are next to any category, and explains what the metric is as well as examples of said metric. That being said, even though the layout can look overwhelming, users can get the hang of it so long as they watch a demo on YouTube or click through the insights of all the metrics. 

Yoodli: The Best VMock Alternative

If you can’t afford to pay monthly (or you’re just looking for a worthy, free alternative), Yoodli is the best option. 

Using AI technology, Yoodli functions as a user’s personal speech coach, similarly to VMock. Yoodli also leverages audio-video analysis and takes it to a whole other level. 

When a user uploads a video of themselves speaking (or records a video directly on the platform), Yoodli reviews the video and provides instead analytics and real-time feedback, completely free of cost. 

Learn how to use Yoodli, a free alternative to VMock.

Although with VMock, users need to use a little nuance when reviewing things like resumes, since even machines make mistakes, you won’t have to wonder what you’re “doing wrong” when you’re using Yoodli. This AI communication coach will let you know. 

In fact, Yoodli divides a user’s analytics into two areas: what went well and what could’ve gone better. The speech coach will provide metrics on your speaking patterns and speech, from your word choice to your body language to pacing. So, for example, if you have a tendency to repeat yourself, Yoodli could target that repetition and classify it as “what could’ve gone better.” At the same time, the platform gives you actionable feedback and tips as to how you can improve. 

In addition to analytics, Yoodli also provides users with a transcript of the speech and coaching comments. By taking advantage of new, inventive generative AI, the platform can offer a summary of your key talking points as well as contextual follow-up questions to make your speech, interview, or presentation more thorough. 

Let’s look at a real-life example. 

A Yoodli Test Case: Roger Federer

Here’s an example. We took a look at Roger Federer’s speech from 2018, after he secured the No. 1 ranking at age 36. 

After analyzing the speech, we found three main areas Federer could work on with regard to public speaking: filler word usage, repetition, and weak word usage.

What Is VMock
Yoodli identifies key areas for you to improve, such as repetition and weak word usage.

About 6% of Federer’s speech was filler words, the top culprits being “uh,” “um,” and “you know.” Yoodli’s suggestion is to try to bring that down to 3% by pausing to think as opposed to letting filler words fill the space while thinking. It even allows the user to play back the speech without fillers to show what this would’ve sounded like. 

Repetition is another area Federer could potentially work on. Repetition is flagged by Yoodli when the speaker repeats the same word in succession. So, in this example, Federer repeated a few words before continuing to the next in a couple instances, which Yoodli identified. 

Yoodli also flagged some weak word usage from Federer’s speech. In a similar manner to filler words, sometimes speakers substitute weak words while they’re still considering what to say next. In Federer’s case, some of the weak words identified were:

  • So
  • Just
  • Very
  • Actually
  • Really

Instead of using these (or other fillers) Federer could theoretically work on pausing before formulating his next thought. 

When taking a look at Yoodli’s coaching comments for this speech, the AI communication coach summarized his key points and offered a suggestion for next time. 

What Is VMock
Yoodli also offers a summary of the speaker’s key points as well as coaching comments and suggestions for improvement.

Watch Federer’s full speech at Yoodli or you can check it out below: 

Roger Federer speaks on achieving the No. 1 ranking at 36 years old.

Other Yoodli-Only Perks

Although audio-video analysis and speech coach feedback is arguably the best part about Yoodli, this platform also offers dedicated interview prep specific to industry. 

Users can use Yoodli’s interview prep function to respond to pre-selected interview questions based on various industries. They can also practice random interview questions, especially if impromptu speaking is one of the skills they’re working on. 

There are also free tutorials, sample speeches, games, and speaking drills to help improve your public speaking, whether you’re learning English or you’re practicing for an upcoming interview

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with a free AI speech coach like Yoodli. It’s used by everyone from TEDx coaches and speakers to teachers and students to Toastmasters, and even universities. But don’t take our word for it: If you’d like to read more about the Yoodli AI speech coach, explore some of the articles where Yoodli’s been covered, including The Wall Street Journal, Inc., GeekWire, and Forbes.

VMock and Yoodli are both similar platforms, especially with respect to audio-video analysis. However, Yoodli stands out as a completely cost-free speech coach that provides users with all the tools and feedback they need to succeed.

Regardless of the context, if you’re looking for individualized insights and analytics for your speaking abilities, Yoodli is the way to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re just practicing small talk, preparing for a business presentation, or prepping for an upcoming interview — Yoodli is always there for you as your 24/7 communication coach. 


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