👋 Hi! We’re Yoodli!

May 10, 2022

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Hi! We're Yoodli

Each of us at Yoodli has experienced our own challenges with public speaking — overcoming a lisp, freezing during a job interview, feeling anxious about speaking up as the only woman in a meeting.

Turns out, we are not alone. Studies show that fear of public speaking affects up to a third of the population. Most people rank it higher than the fear of death!

We started Yoodli to help people improve their public speaking skills without the pressure of an audience. And, it’s been a busy past few months for us! We raised over $1 million in a pre-seed round from the Allen Institute for AI and Madrona Venture Group to super-charge our development. We’re currently headquartered at the AI2 Incubator, surrounded by some of the leading minds in artificial intelligence. We also opened our product waitlist at yoodli.ai and have been encouraged by the overwhelming response from thousands of people. A big thank you to all of our beta testers and advisors for the ongoing feedback.

Public speaking training should be fun, uplifting, and collaborative. Yoodli’s technology uses AI to help you improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills and track progress over time. You can share your speeches with colleagues for feedback, view your real-time transcript and analytics, and challenge friends to play speaking games!

We’ve been partnering with hundreds of speech coaches, interview coaches, and public speaking experts from across the world to build a platform that they wish they had when they started out. If you are a speaking professional interested in collaborating, reach out at info@yoodli.ai.

Whether you’re rehearsing for an upcoming Zoom presentation, defending your PhD thesis, or preparing for a job interview, Yoodli is here to help you prepare for moments that matter most. Try out the product here (it’s free!), and be sure to tell a friend!

Happy speaking! 🙂

Varun and Esha

Yoodli Founders

P.S. We’re hiring front-end engineers and several other roles. Join our team!


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