How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?” 

December 7, 2022

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How to answer Why should we hire you  - 5 elements to include

Let’s face it. This can be a make-or-break question in a job interview. I mean, if you can’t give a good answer to this question, should they hire you?

Your gut reaction might be to talk about your qualifications— especially your skills and experience. That’s certainly one aspect, but don’t leave it there or hash over what they already know. You want to convince them that you’re not only the right person for the role, you’re the right person for the company.

Keep reading to get some ideas on how to answer “Why should we hire you?” You’ll find a framework to organize your response, you’ll learn five key elements to address, and you’ll get connected to an invaluable (yet free) tool to practice your answer and get instant feedback. (Bonus: Preparing in this way will also help you know whether this is the right company and role for you!)

How to answer “Why should we hire you?” using the PREP method

The PREP method is simply a way to organize your answers to interview questions. Here’s what it stands for:

P = Point

R = Reason

E = Evidence

P = Point (again)

You don’t just want to make a point; you want to support your point by sharing its background and demonstrating that you mean it. You also want to repeat your point to make sure it’s heard. We’ll use this method as a framework in the examples that follow.

(Check out Esha’s quick intro to the PREP method for answering job interview questions, and have fun rehearsing your responses with the free Yoodli AI interview practice tool if you want to get personal, private, and judgment-free feedback.)

5 elements to include in your response

In your job interview, keep in mind that you’re being considered not only for a particular role but for an entire organization. The organization has a unique vision and culture that serve as the context for the role you’re considering. Your competency matters, but so do your chemistry with the team and your character as a team member. So, when you think about how to answer “Why should we hire you?” also consider how you can stand out by addressing all of these elements.

#1: A Vision Fit

How to answer “Why should we hire you?” — “Because I am excited about your vision, and I want to help make it a reality.”

Prior to your interview, make sure you’re clear about the organization’s vision. This article from Indeed’s Career Guide backs up the idea that you should research the company prior to your interview.

You don’t want to embark on a new venture just to become a blind cog in the machine. Catch the vision, and spend some time before your interview thinking about how you can contribute to it in this role. Think big. See long-term. Picture yourself working for this company five, ten, twenty years from now. When you can see yourself there, you make it easier for them to see you there as a part of the whole — for the long haul.


  • P = Point = “I have a passion to communicate effectively and help others do the same.”
  • R = Reason = “I used to struggle with confidently sharing my perspectives with others.”
  • E = Evidence = “I’ve taken classes to learn how to communicate with more clarity and confidence.”
  • P = Point (again) = “I want to continue to grow in my communication skills and to coach others on the same journey. I want to build a legacy of confident, effective communicators!”

#2: A Culture Fit

How to answer “Why should we hire you?” — “Because I’m won over by your organizational culture, and I share the same values and priorities.”

In the same way that it’s important to be familiar with the organization’s vision, it’s critical to have a basic understand of its culture. Are they serious or lighthearted? Are most team members workaholics? Do they encourage candor, or do people carefully watch what they say?

Whatever the culture, it’s important to fit in — in a way that doesn’t cause a painful culture clash. You don’t have to conform, you but you should complement. In your job interview, acknowledge that you’re aware of the culture and explain how you’ll fit right in.


  • P = Point = “I appreciate that you encourage a work-life balance. That’s one of my priorities, too.”
  • R = Reason = “I used to be a workaholic. I still work hard, but now I see the wisdom in having a life outside of work.”
  • E = Evidence = “I’ve asked my husband and kids to tell me when I’m slipping back into workaholic mode.”
  • P = Point (again) = “I’m grateful that we both value a healthy work-life balance.”

#3: A Competency Fit

How to answer “Why should we hire you?” — “Because I’m qualified for the role, and I’m eager to keep growing in my skills.”

You should cover this in depth with your resume, cover letter, and the other parts of the interview. But, certainly address it in response to this question, as well. The more concrete, quantifiable, and detailed your answer is, the more you’ll stand out from other applicants.

You might wonder how much you should promote yourself. This article from CNBC discusses the importance of balancing confidence and humility.


  • P = Point = “I’m a certified communications coach with two years of experience.”
  • R = Reason = “Having my own coach helped me grow and inspired me to become one myself.”
  • E = Evidence = “I’m proud of the progress that my coaching clients make!”
  • P = Point (again) = “I can enhance your communications coaching program with the experience I bring.”

#4: A Chemistry Fit

How to answer “Why should we hire you?” — “Because I feel comfortable around you and the others, and I think we’d make a great team.

In dating breakups, it’s common to hear, “It’s not you; it’s me.” Much of the time, it’s not necessarily one or the other who’s in the wrong; the two are just not a match. Chemistry applies to working relationships, too. You want to be a match with your boss and your teammates. They want the same.

When you’re interviewing for a job, you might not have a chance to know whether you’re a chemistry match with the team. But, you should have a good feel regarding the chemistry you have with the person or people interviewing you. Most of the time, these are the people you’ll work for and with. Pay attention to the matching of personality and style, and point out that you believe the chemistry is there.


  • P = Point = “It’s important for team members and leaders to have good chemistry, and I sense that we have that — that we mesh well.”
  • R = Reason = “I’ve worked for a boss that just didn’t ‘get me,’ and I never felt like we were on the same page. It made the work environment difficult at times.”
  • E = Evidence = “I wouldn’t pursue this role if I didn’t think that we would work well together, but I think we ‘get each other’ and see eye to eye on the things that matter.”
  • P = Point (again) = “I truly enjoy our interactions. I trust that energy will extend to the whole team, which makes for a positive work experience for everyone.”

#5: A Character Fit

How to answer “Why should we hire you?” — “Because I work hard, and you can depend on me.”

Your prospective employer is probably not worried that you’re going to embezzle millions of dollars or set the office on fire when you have a bad day. But, they’ll want to be assured that they can count on you to show up, work hard, deliver as promised, and be a team player.


  • P = Point = “The team can depend on me to do my part and to support them in their roles.”
  • R = Reason = “I know what it’s like to serve on a team that has trust in each other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
  • E = Evidence = “The job feedback I get most is that I’m dependable and trustworthy.”
  • P = Point (again) = “You can count on my to give my best.”

Bringing It All Together

Even though you’re covering five different areas, your response doesn’t need to go on and on. You’ll have a chance to elaborate in other parts of the interview. When you consider how to answer “Why should we hire you?” regard it as an opportunity to show your prospective employer that you’re taking all five aspects into account and that you’re a fit in every way, not just one or two ways.

This is just a framework. It’s important that you use your own words. It’s also critical that you’re sincere in your answers. If you don’t truly buy into the organization’s vision, for example, don’t say that you do. (That should be an indicator to you that this isn’t the right fit.) Insincerity will not serve you or your prospective employer well. Be yourself. Show them the real person they might be hiring.

Practicing Your Response

Now that you have a framework and some examples, you’re ready to make this your own. Do the homework necessary to understand the organization and the role. Determine what you want to say. Then, use Yoodli’s free and fun AI tool to practice with the transcript to memorize your answer and to gain awareness of your filler words, noninclusive language, body language, and more. You also can get more interviewing tips that will help set you apart from the crowd. You’ve got this!


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