How to Record a Meeting (Without Anyone Knowing)

April 29, 2023

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how to record a meeting without anyone knowing

Nowadays, using applications like Zoom and Google Meet for meetings and calls is pretty standard across many workplaces. The virtual environment — popularized in part by the COVID-19 pandemic — has completely transformed the way meetings and calls are conducted. 

Recording meetings and calls can be extremely helpful, especially if you’d like to revisit what you said. However, recording meetings without consent can be a very murky area. That’s where Yoodli’s Individual Mode comes in. 

In this article, we’ll tell you how to record a meeting without anyone knowing using Yoodli’s Individual Mode and how to check your state’s laws to make sure you’re in the clear.

How to Record a Call without Anyone Knowing

Now that apps like Zoom and Google Meet are so commonly used in workplaces, chances are, you’ve wondered how to record a call without anyone knowing before. 

Generally, it’s pretty difficult to record a call without anyone knowing.

How to Record a Google Meet Call without Anyone Knowing

If you’re looking to learn how to record a Google Meet call without anyone knowing, you’re in the right place. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as you’d think. If you’re only using Google Meet by itself, you won’t be able to record without anyone knowing. 

How to Record a Zoom Meeting without Anyone Knowing

Unfortunately, you can’t record a Zoom meeting without anyone knowing. Here’s why: The host of the meeting will immediately be alerted if you do try to go ahead and record a Zoom meeting using the “record” function. 

Can I Record a Teams Meeting without Anyone Knowing?

If you want to record a Teams meeting without anyone knowing, here’s what you need to know. 

With Microsoft Teams, every participant in the meeting will be alerted if you start recording using the Teams “record” function. This includes people on mobile apps, the web, Teams desktop and even those who joined from their phone. 

How to Use Yoodli to Record a Meeting without Anyone Knowing

To use Yoodli to record a meeting without anyone knowing, start by signing up and making an account. Unlike other AI speech coaches, Yoodli is completely free of cost. 

What Is Individual Mode (Private Yoodli)?

Individual Mode — also called Private Yoodli — is an AI speech coach tool that helps you improve your speech and confidence when speaking. It’s a new, innovative solution to record a meeting without anyone knowing, as Individual Mode only records your voice. It’s ideal for interviews, workplace meetings, presentations, and any other situations where you might want to work on speech improvement. 

how to record a meeting without anyone knowing

Because Yoodli doesn’t record anyone else (meaning other meeting participants’ voices don’t reach Yoodli servers), you don’t need to ask participants in the call for consent. Since it’s only your voice, you’re completely in control.

Individual Mode provides you with real-time feedback and tips during your meeting — feedback that’s only visible to you. This includes things like nudges to slow down, stop rambling or monologuing, etc.

Individual Mode works with hundreds of applications, including:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Vowel
  • Webex, among others

Once the call is over, you’ll get a complete transcript of what you said, all the AI analysis and metrics (including tips on conciseness, paraphrasing, summaries, and more), as well as personalized AI speech coaching meant to help elevate your speech and speaking skills.

Third-party software like Individual Yoodli is the only way you can record a meeting without anyone knowing.

Downloading Individual Mode (Private Yoodli)

Once you’re signed up, navigate to the left toolbar. You’ll see a few icons here. Click the second icon under the “home” icon. When you hover over it, you’ll see a pop-up text that reads: “Yoodli for Online Meetings.” Click that icon. 

At the top of this page, you’ll see two modes: Individual Mode and Team Mode. Download Individual Mode to your computer. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be able to move the Yoodli Individual Mode directly to your desktop’s applications.

If you have trouble downloading Individual Mode to your desktop, check out our helpful explainer video that’ll walk you through the process: 

Learn how to download Yoodli to record a meeting without anyone knowing.

Testing Individual Mode (Private Yoodli)

Once you’ve downloaded Individual Mode, it’s time to test it out. 

Start by launching Private Yoodli. You can usually search this in your computer’s search bar or navigate to the “Applications” folder to click on the Yoodli icon. Make sure it’s running properly. 

Click the “Settings” tab on the Private Yoodli app. Here, you can test your microphone, choose whether or not you want the Yoodli app to open when you start your computer, and connect your calendars. 

how to record a meeting without anyone knowing

To learn more about how to test Private Yoodli on Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams, check out our simple explainer video: 

Learn how to test Private Yoodli in order to record a meeting without anyone knowing.

Generally speaking, if you record someone else’s voice — such as when you record a meeting without anyone knowing — the liability is on you. Most likely, you need consent to record someone else, especially without them knowing. 

The only way you can make sure what you’re doing isn’t illegal (because recording a meeting without consent in some states is illegal), is to check your state’s laws to make sure you’re in the clear. 

Every state has its own statute regarding wiretapping. They each have their own regulations on the number of parties that have to consent to recording a meeting. You can check your state’s laws with verified, reputable sources, such as the Digital Media Law Project (DMLP), an effort out of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society or the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, which outlines state laws for recording meetings and calls. 

What’s a One-Party State?

A one-party state (also called a single party consent state) is a state that lets people record a conversation without the consent of the other person. In the U.S., the majority of states fall under this category, including:

  • Wyoming
  • Kentucky
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana
  • Arizona
  • West Virginia
  • Utah
  • Tennessee
  • Minessota
  • South Carolina
  • Michigan
  • Iowa
  • Alabama
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana
  • Maine
  • Alaska
  • Ohio
  • North Carolina
  • Missouri
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
  • Arkansas
  • Kansas
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • New Mexico
  • Hawaii
  • New York
  • Mississippi
  • Idaho
  • District of Columbia
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • New Jersey

What’s a Two-Party State?

On the other hand, some states are two-party states (also called all party consent states). A two-party state is a state requires all people involved in the conversation to consent to the recording.

Two-party states include:

  • Washington
  • California
  • New Hampshire
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Montana

What Are Mixed-Party States?

There are also mixed-party states, which means these states have a mix of both types of consent: one- and two-party. This is because the laws apply differently based on how the people involved communicate, such as in-person or electronic communication.

Mixed-party consent states include:

  • Oregon
  • Connecticut
  • Nevada
  • Colorado

Regardless, it’s imperative that you check your specific state laws to make sure you’re not breaking the law.

However, it’s worth mentioning that with the AI speech coach app Yoodli’s Individual Mode, you can get analytics on your speaking skills without anyone knowing because Yoodli only records you and analyzes your voice. 

The Bottom Line

Knowing how to record a meeting without anyone knowing can be very helpful, especially with regard to your speaking insights. However, recording other meeting participants’ voices usually isn’t a safe bet since it’s likely the liability will be on you. 

That’s why Yoodli’s Individual Mode is the perfect solution. You’ll only be recording your own voice as opposed to everyone’s. Try it out for yourself and start improving your speaking skills today. 


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