Interview Stream (interviewstream) Explained: Benefits, Challenges, Alternatives

February 21, 2023

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What Is Interview Stream

If you have interviews coming up — regardless of how confident you are — you probably want to practice. 

Luckily for you, there are tons of services out there to help you get where you need to be in terms of interview prep. One such service is Interview Stream (interviewstream). 

We’ll cover what exactly Interview Stream is, what its benefits are, the challenges of the platform, and alternative options for interview prep.

What Is Interview Stream (interviewstream)?

Interview Stream (AKA interviewstream) is a video-interviewing recruitment platform that offers scheduling and video interviews. The brand’s main goal is to help its clients improve their hiring processes by assisting recruiters and hiring managers in bringing on the best candidates. 

To do so, Interview Stream gives company recruiters capabilities to bring on only the standout candidates, and allows brands to hire candidates faster to get ahead of competing companies. The brand uses simplistic interview guides to build a more orderly interview experience. Companies, brands, and other clients can use Interview Stream to beat out other competing entities by finding the right candidates before others. 

It’s designed for companies of any size, whether the brand is a startup or a large company. 

The type of clients who use Interview Stream include entities like: 

  • Universities and colleges
  • F500 corporations 
  • K12 school districts 

For students especially, users say the Interview Stream platform is great for practicing their skills and getting feedback.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Interview Stream (interviewstream)?

Interview Stream has a few specific benefits users should know about, namely: 

  • Customer service
  • Ease of use
  • Security features 
  • Integrations

Customer Service

First and foremost, Interview Stream offers 24/7 customer service through an open phone line. For the most part, customers say they enjoy the customer service option, but it doesn’t always work as it should (more on that in the next section).

Ease of Use

Interview Stream also lists ease of use as one of the most notable benefits of its services. Setting up an account and getting started is pretty easy. There’s an in-app training guide to make starting up even easier. 

Users can start to use video interviews without worrying about a complicated set-up process. Customers say it’s easy to conduct digital interviews.


Interview Stream is SOC2 certified. For those who don’t know, SOC2 is a type of compliance standard created by the American Institute of CPAs (IACPA). It tells companies how they should manage customer data, and is founded on Trust Services Criteria, which includes:

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Processing
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy


Interview Stream does integrate with common ATS’s — software programs that help manage the hiring process. For example, Interview Stream integrates with:

  • iCIMs
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Oracle Taleo

This platform also has an open API — a publicly available application programming interface for software developers — allows Interview Stream to integrate with other partners that aren’t on its integration list. 

What Are the Biggest Challenges with Interview Stream (interviewstream)?

In terms of challenges, Interview Stream does have a few drawbacks, including:

  • Its cost
  • Glitching 
  • Lack of features
  • Mediocre customer service


Pricing is hugely important when considering an application like Interview Stream. Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t offer a free trial or any free subscription option. 

The only offering is a paid subscription. However, Interview Stream doesn’t publicly list its subscription costs. 


Many users of Interview Stream have also reported glitches in the system. Sometimes, the videos on the application don’t run properly. 

The platform often runs slowly, which is a turn off for some clients. Some have described the site as not very user friendly. 

Lack of Features

Despite Interview Stream offering multiple features, customers often complain about the lack of features. 

Interview Stream doesn’t offer real time analytics nor skills assessment. 

Customers have also said they don’t have the capability to delete digital interviews once they’re obsolete — even with admin privileges. 

For real-time scheduling, the calendar on Interview Stream needs to be refreshed often. It’s also challenging to successfully complete group actions when users are setting time slots. 

According to user feedback, Interview Stream doesn’t offer intuitive dashboards or workflows. Similarly, another suggestion users have brought up is more interactive usage. 

Mediocre Customer Service

Although Interview Stream does offer a 24/7 phone line customer service, users have said the platform is lacking in proactive customer support. 

Getting support from the customer service line is even more difficult with regard to escalated candidate issues. 

Yoodli: The Interview Stream (interviewstream) Alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to Interview Stream, look no further than Yoodli

This platform is used by many clients, including Toastmasters, TEDx coaches and speakers, world champions of public speaking, and universities like Harvard and Stanford. It’s also been featured in top media companies like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Geek Wire, and others. 

Yoodli is a similar platform to Interview Stream, except that it’s completely free of cost (for all its services). It’s an online speech coach that uses advanced AI technology to analyze a user’s speech and speaking patterns. Yoodli will identify things like: 

  • Your pacing
  • How many filler words you use (and which ones)
  • Your overall word choice
  • Your body language
  • And other useful metrics

The Yoodli platform uses new generative AI to show users a summary of their key talking points, and to generate contextual follow up questions. Check out Yoodli’s generative AI capabilities via the quick video below:

Yoodli is the perfect interview prep tool to make sure you’re ready for your next interview.

Yoodli for Interview Prep

This application is perfect for preparing for interviews. In fact, Yoodli goes far beyond interview prep. You can use Yoodli as your personal speech coach any time you speak, including during: 

  • Zoom meetings
  • Google Meets
  • Business presentations
  • And even just everyday conversation

Unlike Interview Stream, Yoodli provides real-time insights during your interview to help you improve. For example, it can tell if you need to slow down or if you need to stop monologuing

You can even practice for upcoming interviews. Although you can upload an existing video of yourself practicing for your interview, Yoodli has a specific interview prep capability. Users can take advantage of this interview preparation AI by practicing mock interview questions. 

Yoodli provides a plethora of mock interview questions to practice into five main categories: 

  • General, including the most common interview questions
  • Product marketing (PM), including behavioral, product, product design, analytical, and technical questions
  • Marketing, including general, growth, and product marketing questions
  • Finance, including some of the most common finance interview questions
  • Consulting, including behavioral, market sizing, and case questions
What Is Interview Stream
Yoodli offers excellent mock interview practice questions in a multitude of different categories.

However, if you have specific interview questions you’d like to prepare for, you can input your own question to practice directly in the text box. It’s that easy. There’s even a “surprise me” function that will give you an interview question at random. 

Once you have your questions ready to go, it’s time to record, practice, and receive your instant, individualized analytics. 

Yoodli Analytics and Interview Prep

While you’re practicing, you’ll get real-time analytics — unlike Interview Stream — to let you know if you need to stop rambling or slow your pace. You’ll also get live reminders to make sure you hit your key talking points.

One of the best things about using Yoodli as an interview prep speech coach is that you’ll get actionable tips, feedback, and analysis in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. Your results and analytics are completely private, confidential, and secure. 

When you’re preparing for interviews, it can be hard to track your progress and see how you’ve improved. Thankfully, Yoodli also provides a dashboard so you can track core metrics, identify trends across the interviews you’ve completed, and even personalized exercises that are tailored to you and your speaking capabilities. 

For example, if you discover that you’re struggling with filler words and don’t know how to stop using fillers, you can take advantage of practical speaking practice games, such as “No Fillers.” 

What Is Interview Stream
One of Yoodli’s practice drills, “No Fillers,” which tests your ability to speak without using filler words.

This game allows users to work on avoiding filler words, like “um” and “uh.” Yoodli’s AI speech coach will assign you a random topic to talk about and your job as the user is to avoid using fillers. You’ll earn points for speaking without fillers and you lose double the points when you use a filler word. You can even add more filler words to your word bank, such as “basically” and “you know,” to target other words you might use too frequently.

Learn more about the “No Fillers” activity below.

Users can use this Yoodli Daily Drill, “No Fillers,” to improve their filler word use.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Yoodli is a great alternative to a platform like Interview Stream. 

Yoodli is completely free of cost and offers actionable feedback and real-time analytics, unlike Interview Stream. Because its features go way beyond interview prep, you’ll be able to use Yoodli for any speaking scenario, from everyday conversations to business presentations and even English practice if you’re a non-native speaker. The possibilities are essentially endless. 

Improving your speaking and interviewing skills doesn’t have to be a taxing, overwhelming process. You can start advancing your communication skills today, free of charge. 


Start practicing with Yoodli.

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