Orai vs. Speeko: What to Know

April 20, 2023

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You can use apps like Orai and Speeko right on your phone.

Public speaking isn’t easy. Although some people seem to be natural speakers, effective communication is usually a learned skill.

Speech coach apps are perfect for helping you cultivate your speaking skills. Two such apps are Orai and Speeko, which both rely on AI technology to help you improve your speech. But how do the two stack up against each other? 

We took a deep dive into both Orai and Speeko to see how their features and pricing compare. We also explored some Orai and Speeko alternatives for those looking for more budget-friendly options. Elevating your speech and speaking skills has truly never been easier. 

What Is Orai?

Orai is an AI speech coach application that offers soft skill and communication training. It’s an app that can be used across many industries and organizations.

Orai is a mobile app for professionals.

The goal of Orai is to help people become more confident, efficient communicators in a cost effective, practical way.

What Is Speeko?

Like Orai, Speeko is a kind of communication coach powered by AI technology. Speeko has a collection of various activities for users to take advantage of, from courses to exercises. It also provides feedback and recommendations on vocal presentation and delivery, such as your pacing and filler word usage

Speeko is another mobile app for people to

Speeko can be used at the individual or professional level, spending on the scale.

Orai vs. Speeko

Orai and Speeko are both examples of software designed to improve a user’s speech and speaking patterns. But how do they stack up against each other? We took a closer look at the features and pricing of both to find out.


In terms of features, both Orai and Speeko share some similarities. 

Both apps were created with speech coach capabilities. 

They both offer users feedback on their speaking abilities. Orai tracks a plethora of metrics concerning a user’s speaking patterns, such as insights on:

  • Speech pacing
  • The user’s energy
  • Speech conciseness  
  • The user’s confidence
  • Filler word usage
  • User facial expressions
  • Pausing habits

Speeko also analyzes speakers’ speech through various measures. Like Orai, it tracks speech pacing and filler word usage. Unlike Orai, Speeko also measures insights like:

  • Word choice
  • Talk time (the breakdown of your talk time vs. others’)
  • The user’s intonation (such as monotonic
  • The speech sentiment (positive vs. negative)

Orai also offers users lessons and interactive courses designed to build speaking and communication skills. The app partnered with communication coaches to identify the most important abilities speakers need to know. Based on an individual user’s needs and speaking goals, Orai curates a personalized curriculum. 

Speeko doesn’t seem to offer specific courses or lessons like Orai, but does provide users with some interactive exercises to improve speech. This platform stands out from Orai in that it has a “complete toolkit” — including interview prompts, digital notecards, and vocal warm-ups.

You can also track your progress with Orai. You can use improvement insights to figure out how you’ve changed over time and better identify what you need to work on for your future communication goals. If you’re a larger company or enterprise, you can actually track the metrics of your entire team to judge their improvement as a group.

Similarly, Speeko allows users to track their speech patterns and voice.

Orai also takes its data and security seriously. The app makes use of AWS and Google Cloud facilities — industry-standard providers — to host its software. The Orai servers exist within the app’s specific virtual private cloud (VPC) and the company completes vulnerability scans annually via a third-party network.  

Orai is offered on the Apple App Store and Google Play for users to download. In contrast, Speeko is only offered on the App Store.

Pricing and Subscriptions

With regard to pricing and subscriptions, Orai and Speeko differ in a few places.

Neither platform is free, unfortunately. Orai offers a free, 7-day trial. This includes access to the iOS or Android mobile app with practice mode and a few basic lessons. The free trial doesn’t include custom training programs, results sharing, the manager dashboard, nor the team analytics insights. 

Speeko also offers a free, 7-day trial for people who sign up. 

Orai has two main subscriptions: Orai Pro and Orai Enterprise. Orai Pro includes practice mode, basic lessons, and multi-accent support. This subscription costs about $10 per person, per month.

Orai Enterprise, on the other hand, offers more features. Users get the same features as the Orai Pro subscription along with a 4-week custom training program, team analytics, secure SSO login, a manager dashboard, and results sharing abilities. 

Like Orai, Speeko has two main subscriptions that differ based on payment schedule. Users can choose either monthly or annual. With the monthly option, you’ll pay about $15 per month. When you pay annually, it’ll be about $60. However, the annual plan costs around $5 per month as opposed to the $15.

Orai and Speeko Alternatives

However, Orai and Speeko aren’t the only speech coach apps out there. In fact, there are tons of existing apps and software for people to explore. Here are the best Orai and Speeko alternatives you should check out.

1. Vocabulary Builder. Vocabulary Builder takes a content-based approach to improve your speech. With this app, the goal is to improve your vocabulary and as a result, your speech as a whole. To do so, you can play educational, fun daily word quizzes. You can also take advantage of the app’s sentence examples, audio pronunciations, and definitions to get familiar with new vocab.

2. Metronome Beats. How fast or slow you speak — also called pacing — is one of the most difficult parts of giving a speech or presentation. Many speakers tend to talk faster than they normally do when speaking in public due to anxiety or nerves. To combat that, Metronome Beats helps you track your pacing and puts you on a path to strike that perfect, conversational pace. 

3. Impromptu Generator. Practice is key to improving your public speech. That’s where Impromptu Generator comes in. You can use this app to generate a random public speaking prompt for you to then respond to. There are tons of possible prompts which assist users in improving not only their speech, but also their confidence with both public and impromptu speaking. 

If you’re looking to improve your own impromptu speaking abilities, try these three strategies:

These strategies for impromptu speaking can help improve your speech.

4. Rev Voice Recorder. With Rev Voice Recorder, the idea is to record your speech and review a transcription of it to identify any issues. All you do is receive the transcript of your speech and review it for stuttered words, filler words and phrases, and repeated words. It’s as easy as that. Rev Voice Recorder gets straight to the point and doesn’t distract users with any unnecessary bells and whistles. 

Yoodli: Best Orai and Speeko Alternative

Yoodli offers the same aforementioned capabilities of Orai and Speeko — namely speech analysis, interview preparation, tracking capabilities, courses, and interactive games and exercises — completely for free. 

Like Orai and Speeko, Yoodli is an AI speech coach designed to help users become the best communicators they can be. It provides users with a complete transcript (with timestamps), too. 

Yoodli analyzes your speaking patterns and speech through measures like your: 

  • Speaking pace
  • Body language
  • Word choice
  • Filler word usage
  • Among other analytics

This AI communication coach also provides specific feedback and recommendation in the form of coaching comments. For example, it can highlight places for you to rephrase for conciseness. Yoodli will also ask you some follow-up questions to make your speech more comprehensive. 

In addition to that, Yoodli users can take advantage of the speaking courses and existing uploaded speeches to see insights from the most well-known communicators and orators out there, such as Amanda Gorman. 

Yoodli, like Orai and Speeko, analyzes user speech.

For example, when we analyzed Gorman’s delivery of her inaugural poem, “The Hill We Climb,” we found out that she used zero filler words, no non-inclusive language, and very little weak words, which is pretty impressive. She also spoke at a pace of 132 words per minute, which is a great, conversational speed. 

Users can gain insights from existing speech metrics as well as their own — completely free of charge, unlike apps like Orai and Speeko.

The Key Takeaway

AI has completely transformed many industries, including the speech analysis and speech coaching space. Apps like Orai and Speeko might differ, but at the end of the day, have the same purpose: to improve users’ speech and speaking patterns.

However, if you don’t have the money to spend on a subscription or you just want a budget-friendly option with the same capabilities as Orai and Speeko, Yoodli is the best speech coach app alternative. 


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