How to Save Time + Get More Clients: Yoodli for Communication Coaches

September 21, 2022

1 min read

We’re excited to share that Yoodli now integrates directly with your Zoom coaching calls (and it’s free)! Here’s what to expect:

1) Automated transcript, separated by speaker. Check out an example here.

2) AI analytics on your client’s eye contact, talk time, filler words, and more

3) Instant replays: Immediately show your client a recording of what they said while still on the Zoom call! (no more waiting 40 min for the recording)

Check out our testimonials to learn how thousands of other coaches — speech coaches, interview coaches, and sales trainers — are getting new clients and saving 10X time with Yoodli.

Just connect your calendar and you’re good to go.


Start practicing with Yoodli.

Getting better at speaking is getting easier. Record or upload a speech and let our AI Speech Coach analyze your speaking and give you feedback.

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