Toastmasters & Yoodli Form AI Public Speaking Partnership

August 18, 2022

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Toastmasters & Yoodli AI public speaking partnership

When we think of public speaking, the first organization that comes to mind is Toastmasters International. Over the last 90+ years, Toastmasters has helped millions of people across the world become more confident public speakers. We are delighted to share that Toastmasters is partnering with Yoodli to bring speech coaching, powered by artificial intelligence, to their 300,000+ members across 149 countries.

Toastmasters members will be offered access to real-time automated analytics on their use of filler words, pacing, and body language, and receive feedback from friends and colleagues seamlessly. Yoodli will augment existing club meetings, giving members the opportunity to practice on their own and get data-driven insights into their speaking habits. In building Yoodli, we’ve been getting positive feedback on the product from multiple Toastmasters World Champions of Public Speaking including Craig Valentine, Ed Tate, Mark Brown, and others.

A shared vision

Communication skills are the biggest determinant of success both personally and professionally. Toastmasters and Yoodli share the same vision — we believe that anyone can become a more confident communicator with the right amount of practice and guidance. We also think that public speaking doesn’t need to be anxiety-inducing — a large part of Yoodli’s culture is inspired by Table Topics®, the fun impromptu speaking club activity pioneered by Toastmasters.

We are grateful to Toastmasters International for their support along the way and for announcing our collaboration at the Toastmasters 2022 International Convention in Nashville. We will be launching the Toastmasters Yoodli product in a few months. Members can access the current free public version at


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