Top 10 Best Speech Coaches in the UK

April 4, 2023

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Alex Merry is one of the best speech coaches in the UK.

If you’re looking for a speech coach in the UK, look no further! This blog covers our hand picked list of the best speech coaches in the UK. These are coaches who work virtually, with enterprise clients, and are currently in practice, have the best reviews, and biggest practices. 

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 best speech coaches in the UK. All of these picks are chosen based on a comprehensive speech coach rating criteria (see below). 

Speech Coach Rating Criteria

Yoodli works with thousands of speech coaches around the world, ranging from TEDx trainers, speech-language-pathologists, executive coaches, to Toastmasters World Champions of public speaking. We picked the top coaches based on whether they met the following criteria:

  1. Train clients both in person and in virtual settings (Zoom-coaching)
  2. Work with individuals, groups, or enterprises
  3. Are currently open to new clients
  4. Have the best reviews on the Yoodli AI speech coaching platform. 

What Is Yoodli?

Yoodli provides you AI powered analytics on your speaking style. Get insights on your filler words, eye contact, body language, and connect with coaches, directly through the Yoodli community ( We’ve worked with tens of thousands of speeches globally.

Best Speech Coaches in the UK

Here are our picks for the top 10 best speech coaches in the UK, especially for people who are looking to improve their speech. These coaches are listed in no particular order.

Rose Beauchamp

Rose Beauchamp, one of the best speech coaches in the UK.
Rose Beauchamp is one of the best speech coaches in the UK.

Communications coach Rose Beauchamp is an expert who marries leadership, business problems, and speech communication to help clients reach their goals. Beauchamp led McKinsey’s client communications group for over a decade in Europe and the UK.

She helps people become more engaging, confident, and successful in their careers through coaching. Beauchamp offers two main services: one-to-one coaching and group training.

Her one-to-one training is tailored to the client, but some of the most common themes Beauchamp sees in these sessions include how to:

  • Give effective presentations
  • Excel in top-down communication in speaking and writing
  • Influence audiences
  • Increase personal presence at work
  • Give feedback
  • Manage difficult conversations and questions

With regard to her group training, Beauchamp doesn’t use a “set menu”; Instead, ​she creates personalized multi-module programs and individual training workshops to ensure she meets the needs of the client. 

Alex Merry

Alex Merry is one of the best speech coaches in the UK.

Alex Merry is a successful public speaking and presentation coach, as well as the founder of TEDxClapham. His claim to fame? Merry helps executives and leaders design and deliver large presentations. These could include things like conferences and TEDx talks.

Merry offers workshops for teams and one-to-one presentation coaching to empower every single client he works with to elevate their speaking skills. He also has something he calls a “Public Speaking Accelerator” or PSA. With this course, the goal is to “land, write, and deliver a big stage presentation.” This involves 10 live workshops, five keynote calls, and three months’ worth of one-to-one private coaching.

The PSA track has a few different modules, including: 

  • “Develop a Valuable Idea”
  • “Land a Speaking Gig”
  • “Write Your Talk”
  • “Strengthen Your Narrative”
  • “Nail Your Delivery”
  • “Amplify Your Talk”

He also has a public speaking club called MicDrop helping leaders become sought-after speakers. Members benefits include: 

– Weekly opportunities to put their skills to the test

– Access to live speaking opportunities

– A learn on demand training library 

– A community of leaders to grow with

– Access to Alex

– And of course, real time presentation feedback with Yoodli!

You can book a 15-minute consultation with Merry here.

Susie Ashfield

Susie Ashfield, one of the best speech coaches in the UK.

Susie Ashfield is a speech coach and founder and director of Speak2Impact, which helps clients communicate more effectively via not just the delivery, but the tone and structure as well. Here, she builds on her experience as a professional actress to also blend performance art with corporate environments.

Through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Ashfield is qualified as an associate certified coach. She can help clients communicate more effectively in impromptu speaking situations or in high-pressure environments. 

Just a few of Speak2Impact’s clients include corporations like:

  • Walt Disney
  • Coca-Cola
  • Rolls-Royce
  • NATO
  • S&P Global

One of her main specialties is helping people give high-impact presentations and speeches. For example, she gives workshops that focus on powerful communication, from TED-style speeches to sales conversations.

Those interested can reach out to

Kate Gilbert

Kate Gilbert is an excellent speaker and one of the best speech coaches in the UK.

Speech coach Kate Gilbert has a goal of helping people not just communicate effectively, but also become a more memorable, confident speaker. To do this, she uses a step-by-step process to help her clients learn the skills and tools they need to succeed. She also gives her clients expert advice and feedback to sharpen their existing public speaking skills. Before you know it, you’ll be a more confident and empowered speaker.

Although Gilbert teaches people of all walks of life, she specifically partners with businesses, schools and universities, and individuals. Her one-to-one sessions in particular are pretty popular.

Whatever type of setting you work with Gilbert in, she’ll focus on all areas of public speaking, such as:

  • Public speaking anxiety 
  • Body language
  • Speech or presentation content
  • Structure
  • Vocal techniques
  • Storytelling
  • Public speaking mindset
  • And of course, delivery

You can schedule a call with Gilbert here.

Haritosh Srivastav

Haritosh Srivastav, one of the best speech coaches in the UK

Not only is Haritosh Srivastav a public speaking coach, but he’s also a certified mentor and an experienced storyteller. He’s an award-winning speaker with a host of accolades tied to his name from wins in the UK, as well as in the US and India. He’s also a distinguished Toastmaster.

Srivastav coaches and mentors everyone, from students to adults. He can help all speakers, storytellers, and presenters achieve their goals, no matter what level they’re at. 

He has two main courses: “Public Speaking Bootcamp” and “Public Speaking Masterclass.”

Both courses give clients the tools they need to succeed in public speaking and effective communication. You’ll explore the mindset and myths behind public speaking, as well as tips and tricks, like how to “wow” your audience. 

You can learn more about Srivastav via his YouTube channel, Coach Haritosh Srivastav.

Srivastav explains how to become a better English speaker in this video.

Srivastav is also the author of “Small Town Bigger Dreams,” an Amazon bestseller


PitchNinjas — an organization focused on accessible communication coaching — was founded by two very successful communicators. 

Joanna Mollo and Lucero Tagle both struggled with effective public speaking and in their words, “learned the hard way” so their clients don’t have to. PitchNinjas was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic and the goal remains the same: to ensure everyone has access to communication coaching so that no opportunity passes them by.

One of the best things about PitchNinjas is that both Mollo and Tagle come from different backgrounds. While Mollo worked as a communication coach and television news reporter, Tagle worked in people development at Google.

Clients can record a video of their pitch for them to review, select a package, and choose the date for their session via the PitchNinjas app.

Some of their clients include:

  • The UK government
  • GSK
  • Two Sigma
  • Schroders
  • ADIA
  • Alter Domus and the UK government

James Evans

James Evans is a UK speech coach who coaches through Vensa Coaching. In fact, he’s the lead speech coach and director there. As such, Evans offers services like one-to-one public speech coaching, executive coaching, and even online or in-person tailored workshops for your team.

Through his coaching, Evans can help clients with things like: 

  • Public speaking anxiety
  • Engaging audiences and listeners
  • Preparing for a specific upcoming presentation
  • Speaking with authority
  • Keynote speaking
  • Improving your overall communication

To connect with Evans, you’ll need to reach out directly through the Vensa site.

Graham Davies

Graham davies

Graham Davies is a well-known presentation coach in the UK. For Davies, the COVID-19 pandemic helped him (and others) realize that virtual presentations are just as critical and important as in-person presentations. One of his goals is to help clients nail their virtual presentations and meetings.

To mitigate the shift to online speaking and presenting, Davies offers a plethora of services, which include:

  • Presentation coaching
  • Television interview coaching
  • Pitch coaching
  • Keynote speaking
  • Political mentoring
  • Hosting events and awards 
  • After dinner speaking

He’s spoken on a number of topics on national television, including Brexit and other political subjects. To get an idea of Davies’ public speaking abilities and offerings, you can watch him discuss his “Hour of Power” below:

Davies speaks on the “Hour of Power.”

Matt Matheson

Matt matheson

Speech coach Matt Matheson’s goal is twofold: to help people overcome public speaking anxiety and become a better communicator. He assists clients in improving both their in-person and online communication skills.

One of the services Matheson offers includes “Public Speaking & Speaking Up,” which is a six-point speaker program and coaching for individuals and teams. He also provides coaching for events and conferences as well as mentoring, workshop facilitation, leadership coaching, and event design, emceeing, and hosting.

Matheson offers a free discovery session where potential clients can spell out their goals and get an idea of how he can help clients achieve them.

Cath Baxter 

Cath Baxter is a public speaking expert and a voice coach based in London. She offers speech coaching there and all across the UK. With 20 years’ worth of experience, Baxter has much to offer clients in this space. Check out her introduction below: 

Learn more about Baxter in this introductory video.

She teaches a plethora of different skills through trainings that she offers, including: 

  • Voice coaching
  • Impact communication
  • Accent softening
  • Corporate training
  • Public speaking
  • Interview technique

With regard to public speaking, Baxter’s top classes are public speaking, impact communication, and interview technique. With these trainings, you’ll be able to:

  • Combat public speaking anxiety
  • Sound more fluid in your communication
  • Improve your interview technique
  • Form more cohesive thoughts on the spot
  • Sound more eloquent in meetings
  • Give presentations confidently and successfully online

For more information, contact Baxter directly.

The Bottom Line

These top 10 best speech coaches in the UK are a great start for anyone looking to work with someone to improve their speech and communication skills. If you don’t have the budget to work with a coach, you can get started with Yoodli at As a free AI speech coach, you’ll be able to work on your abilities anywhere, at any time.


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