Top 7 Best Teleprompter Apps (+ Free Options)

April 20, 2023

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Teleprompter apps can be extremely helpful for reporters, public speakers, and even for employees giving a presentation.

Are you an online instructor or a video creator? Would you like to present your scripts more naturally and fluidly? A teleprompter app can help you do just that.

Let’s explore what these apps are all about, the benefits of using one, what you should consider when using one, and some general guidelines for using one. We’ll also introduce you to some free teleprompter apps that you can start using now.

What Is a Teleprompter App?

Teleprompter apps — software that helps presenters read scripts without memorization — are becoming increasingly popular among online content creators.

Public speaking is an essential tool for conveying messages and ideas to a wide audience. But, it can be challenging to deliver a speech effectively, especially when trying to remember all of your key points. This is where teleprompters come in handy.

A teleprompter is a device that displays text for a speaker to read while looking directly at the camera or live audience. This creates the illusion that the speaker has memorized their speech or is speaking spontaneously. By using a teleprompter, speakers can look up and out at their audience while delivering their message accurately without appearing distracted or unprepared.

Who uses teleprompter apps?

Anyone can use a teleprompter app, but people who use them most often include people like:

  • Video creators
  • Actors (espeically during self-tape auditions)
  • Politicians
  • Broadcast journalists
  • Public speakers
  • Educators
  • Business professionals

The use of teleprompters highlights the importance of effective communication in public speaking and how technology can facilitate this process. Teleprompter technology has been around since the 1950s and has continued to evolve over time, becoming more advanced and widely used in various settings such as political speeches, corporate presentations, and educational lectures.

Now we have teleprompter apps — software you can use with a webcam on your device. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in online course creation and virtual presentations, making online apps a valuable tool for many content creators.

Looking ahead into the future outlook of this technology shows that there’s still room for growth and development. New technologies such as artificial intelligence and voice recognition software are further enhancing their effectiveness. Also, there’s potential for online teleprompter apps becoming more accessible and affordable, allowing more people to benefit from their use.

Why You Need a Teleprompter App + How to Use One 2

The Benefits of Using a Teleprompter App

There are several benefits of using a teleprompter app. It gives you added security and confidence, allowing you to focus on delivering the speech well instead of worrying about remembering the next line. That security comes from the accuracy of delivery that using this type of app provides: You’re not hoping you’re staying on script; you are staying on script. The teleprompter reminds you of the exact words and phrasing of a speech—the words and phrasing you carefully chose for a reason.

The smoother delivery and accuracy conveys professionalism to your audience, another benefit of using a teleprompter app. You come across as confident, and you hit every point. And, if they know you’re using a teleprompter app, at least that tells them that you take your presentation seriously enough to deliver it well!

Teleprompter apps allow you to connect more with your audience. You don’t have to look down at your script; you can look up and out at the audience. That also means that you will project your voice more effectively.

One more benefit of using an online teleprompter app is the time saved. You don’t have to spend time memorizing your speech. And, if you’re recording your speech rather than delivering it live, it reduces the number of takes required to get a good shot.

The Drawbacks to Teleprompters

The main drawback to teleprompters and teleprompter apps is the fact that sometimes, the text the person is reading isn’t correct.

For example, during the 2017 Golden Globes, host Jimmy Fallon’s monologue was derailed when the teleprompter failed. Luckily, he was able to recover pretty seamlessly, but it highlights the biggest risk to using teleprompters.

During the 2017 Golden Globes, the teleprompter Jimmy Fallon was using failed.

Top 7 Teleprompter Apps

Even still, teleprompter apps are extremely beneficial, especially for personal use.

Here are the top 7 best teleprompter apps (including some free options).

1. Teleprompter゜

One of the best apps you can experiment with is Teleprompter゜. This app — available on Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad — allows users to read speech, scripts, and lyrics with mirroring. This app in particular also gives users the option to change the font or the speed.

Users can try the 1-month auto renewable subscription which unlocks special features for $9.99 per month. It also includes a 3-day free trial.

2. Yoodli

Arguably the most convenient free teleprompter app is Yoodli.

Yoodli is an AI speech coach that’s like a smart teleprompter app. Add your speaking notes before the meeting, and Yoodli will use advanced AI technology to gently nudge you if you haven’t yet hit a point.

For example, during an interview, Yoodli will help you hit your main talking points (without anyone knowing). You can get started for free at

Yoodli offers the perfect free teleprompter app that uses AI technology.

3. Teleprompter Premium

Referred to as the “best teleprompter software for iOS and Mac, Teleprompter Premium is an app that provides text and scrolling for a number of solutions, from presentations to speeches to virtual meetings and content creation. It’s extremely adjustable as you can edit everything from the line spacing to the text itself.

On the App Store, Teleprompter Premium has a rating of 4.75 out of 5 based on more than 75,000 reviews.

This option has a free version for those looking for an affordable solution. However, from the Premium subscription, users will pay $59.99 per year. The Lifetime Purchase — a one-time purchase, valid forever — costs users $159.99.


Downloadable via Google Play, SUFLER.PRO lets you use video prompter mode to read text and record videos from your mobile device. It’s free to download and has more than a 100,000 downloads from users.

5. PromptSmart Pro – Teleprompter

Similarly to Yoodli, PromptSmart Pro – Teleprompter is an app that uses “smart” technology, like voice recognition. It allows you to import scripts directly to the app, which not all teleprompter apps do. PromptSmart Pro – Teleprompter is also localized in 18 languages — a feature that’s not common to most apps.

This app is $29.99 on the Apple App Store.

6. Video Teleprompter Lite

In terms of free teleprompter apps, Video Teleprompter Lite is a great option. It facilitates video recording and is ideal for people who are vloggers, those with an upcoming presentation at school and work, or product explainer videos.

This app has a rating of 4.7, made up of over 1,300 reviews.

7. Teleprompter and Recording

Another free option is Teleprompter and Recording, downloadable on the App Store. Like other apps, you can make videos, read from a script, and even create captions.

This one also has rave reviews, with a rating of 4.9, an average from 7,700 ratings.

More free teleprompter apps

Other free teleprompter apps that get rave reviews include:

  • SpeakFlow
  • Teleprompter Mirror
  • Speechway
  • PromptSmart

How to Use a Teleprompter App

Of course, each teleprompter app has its own operating instructions. But, here are a few general tips for using one:

  • Make your script visually helpful to you personally. Consider spacing, punctuation, and other visual elements.
  • A script with an informal, conversational tone will help you avoid sounding robotic.
  • Bring your script to life with appropriate inflections, pauses, smiles, and personal stories.
  • Practice!

If you want more advice on how to use a teleprompter, check out this article from wikiHow.

Considerations when using a teleprompter app

While you can enjoy many benefits of using a teleprompter app, you also need to be aware of some potential drawbacks and considerations. Let’s take a look at a few.

Teleprompters aren’t suitable for all types of speeches or events, such as impromptu speeches or interactive presentations. If you’re unable to deliver a speech without a teleprompter, your dependency on the technology will limit your flexibility and adaptability. You might fail to develop certain public speaking skills. For example, using a teleprompter app can take away from spontaneity. Impromptu speaking is a significant skill on its own, whether its for an entire speech or just for taking questions.

Using a teleprompter app might smack of inauthenticity. You could come across as reading rather than speaking from your heart, which can undermine your credibility and connection with the audience.

In a similar vein, using an online teleprompter app might make you appear less natural. Your audience could see your eyes following your script, which is a distraction.

In our discussion about the benefits of using a teleprompter app, we talked about eye contact with the audience. While a teleprompter does allow you to look up and out at the audience (or into a camera) rather than looking down, you’re not truly making eye contact in the sense that your audience is “behind” your script. They will see your eyes, which is important. But, some connection with your audience can be lost if you see only your script and not their faces. Practice and experience can help with this aspect.

It’s always good to know your audience and your context. This knowledge can inform your choice about using a teleprompter app. Overall, it’s important to balance preparation and reliance on tools while also emphasizing improvisation and adaptability in public speaking and presentation skills.

Wrapping Up

Online teleprompter apps can be useful tools for improving presentation skills. But, it’s important not to rely too heavily on them at the expense of authenticity or connection with your audience.

Find that balance, and do what works best for you and your audience. And, with the option of Yoodli’s free teleprompter app, you can get started today!


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