The Top 10 Best GPT Apps

March 31, 2023

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Top 10 Best GPT Apps

Recently, the generative AI industry has seemingly exploded. Everywhere you look, researchers and developers are creating AI apps designed to help users find solutions, whether that’s copy content generation or interface design, these apps can do it all. 

To cut down on the chaos, we’re going to introduce you to the top 10 best GPT apps out there for users to explore.

What is GPT?

GPTs — which stands for generative pre-trained transformer — are AI language models that produce human-esque outputs through deep learning based on a prompt. 

Generative AI, unlike traditional AI, produces unique content. So, for example, ChatGPT uses input from users to generate new content. In that case, a user might input “explain what black holes are” and ChatGPT will produce a human-like response explaining that very topic. 

Top 10 Best GPT Apps

Now that GPTs are picking up speed in the technology space, there are plenty of unique, interesting apps captivating users all over the world. Here’s the top 10 best GPT apps worth checking out.

1. Yoodli

Generative AI is transforming a number of industries and speech coaching is one of them. Yoodli is a prime example. 

Yoodli is an AI speech coach designed to help users improve their speaking abilities and confidence. It gives individualized feedback and coaching comments based on a user’s speech – how to be more concise, how to rephrase certain sections etc. Plus, unlike other AI speech tools, Yoodli is completely free of charge.

Yoodli is one of the top 10 best GPT apps out there, hands down.
Yoodli is one of the top 10 best GPT apps out there, hands down.

For example, users can upload or record a video of themselves speaking, whether they’re practicing for an interview, prepping for a presentation, or preparing a speech. After that, Yoodli does the rest. 

You’ll get specific analytics on your speech and speaking patterns, such as:

  • A full transcript of what was said
  • Filler word usage (including what fillers were used and how often)
  • Your speech pacing rate
  • Body language (like eye contact and facial expressions)
  • Non-inclusive language you may have accidentally used
  • Among other useful metrics

In addition to that, Yoodli provides users with free tutorials, expert advice, specific interview preparation tools, and even games designed to help improve your speech. With this AI speech coach, the opportunities for improvement are endless. 

Explore its capabilities here or check out this helpful explainer video on just some of what Yoodli can offer you:

Co-founder Varun Puri speaks on the generative AI interview prep capabilities of Yoodli.

2. Jasper

Jasper is a platform that relies on generative AI to produce content and “streamline creative workflows.” It’s an exciting example of how far AI has come. 

Jasper offers lots of content creation features, namely in the vein of social media, advertising, articles, emails, art, and website content. This platform can also: 

  • Eliminate writer’s block and help users brainstorm new ideas
  • Generate marketing copy
  • Produce messages in the form of things like email and captions
  • Write and read in 26 different languages, like Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish for example
  • Scale up content production in a business or company

However, it’s not exactly free. Jasper offers three main packages — the “Starter,” “Boss Mode,” and “Business” — the prices of which vary based on monthly or annual payments. 

For the “Starter” package, users can expect to pay around $40 a month annually or $49 per month, billed monthly. The “Boss Mode” package runs users around $99 per month if users pay on a monthly plan or around $82 per month if they pay annually. The “Business” package is designed for teams and businesses, so users will have to reach out to the Jasper sales team for custom pricing and packages.

3. Synthesia

Synthesia is a pretty popular AI video generative platform. Using only a text input, Synthesia can produce a unique video. Thousands of brands — such as Reuters and the BBC — have used it to make videos in over a hundred languages. It’s not only cost-effective, but using Synthesia to create videos saves companies time, too.

This platform uses AI avatars — digital avatars of real actors — to produce engaging videos. Synthesia offers over a hundred different, diverse avatars, though companies also have the option to create their own custom avatar for their business. 

Brands using this AI video generative platform don’t need to input voice-overs, either; Synthesia offers over a hundred AI voices in over 120 languages with closed captions.

Synthesia has plans for everyone, whether you’re one individual or a Fortune 500 company. Its personal plan runs around $30 per month. On the other hand, users will have to contact Synthesia directly to get pricing info for larger plans.

4. Galileo AI

With Galileo AI, design is the main focus. Galileo AI creates instantaneous UI designs based on a user’s text prompt. It can help brands design content and images faster via AI technology.

Described as a “co-pilot for interface design,” Galileo can help generate designs with AI images and illustrations. The designs are all fully editable and can be customized to the user’s liking. 

Although it’s not out yet, you can request early access to Galileo AI here.

5. Wellsaid Labs

Wellsaid Labs is a text-to-speech platform where users can use text to create voice overs. Large companies such as Intel, Peloton, and Boeing all use Wellsaid, and it’s not surprising considering the platform’s capabilities. 

This platform is useful for not only creating these voice overs, but also for facilitating the editing and sharing process within a business team. Companies are able to produce these voice overs faster than normal, thanks to generative AI. 

Wellsaid Labs offers a variety of payment plans, including a 1-week free trial. The subscription levels include “Maker,” “Creative,” “Producer,” and “Team.” All of the plans’ prices vary depending on how often you’re billed. For example, if you choose to be billed annually, you’ll be “saving” 10% compared to being billed monthly. 

Wellsaid Labs’ plans price breakdown is as follows:

  • “Maker”: $49 a month or $529 a year
  • “Creative”: $99 a month or $1,069 a year
  • “Producer”: $199 a month or $2,149 a year
  • “Team”: This one is only custom pricing, so teams will have to reach out to Wellsaid directly for a price

6. Whimsical AI

Whimsical AI is a tool that allows users to more effectively organize information. It can help companies or individuals ideate in a more timely manner and organize ideas in a cohesive manner. 

In general, Whimsical offers a host of planning, ideating, and organizational tools, such as flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, projects, and docs.

For example, here’s how you can generate mind maps with Whimsical:

Marcelo Lewin takes you through how to generate mind maps using Whimsical, one of the top 10 best GPT apps.

As for pricing, users can opt for a free version or select one of the two main plans: “Pro” or “Organization.” For the “Pro” plan, users will pay $12 per person per month or $10 per person per month when billed annually. For the “Organization” plan, users will pay $20 per month billed annually.

7. Runway ML

Runway ML is a suite of more than 30 AI tools designed to ideate and generate content. These tools are pretty expansive and can be used for a multitude of projects. 

Some of these tools include:

  • Text to image
  • Text to color grade
  • Image variation
  • Text to 3D texture
  • Colorizing black-and-white images
  • Among other AI capabilities

Runway ML has four pricing plans, including one free version. Free version aside, users can pick from the “Standard,” “Pro,” or “Enterprise” plans. The pricing varies per plan and per billing period. So for example, if you choose to be billed yearly, you’ll be saving around 20% compared to if you chose to be billed every month for 12 months. 

If you’re looking to pay per month, the “Standard” plan will run you about $15 per month per user (or $144 annually) and the “Pro” plan will cost about $35 per month per user (or $336 annually). The “Enterprise” plan requires brands to reach out for a quote.

8. ChatSonic AI

ChatSonic is a chatbot that offers human-like, conversational responses and feedback. It’s been described as the “best ChatGPT alternative.” The list of features from ChatSonic is impressive.

There’s a vast range of things users can do with ChatSonic, including: 

  • Chatting with the chatbot about trending or current events
  • Creating trending content that’s 100% factual 
  • Generating AI art
  • Other content creation, such as tweets and emails
  • Voice command capabilities 
  • Acting as a personal assistant, from helping you solve an equation to helping you navigate a new relationship

Although ChatSonic offers a free trial, it has two primary plans: a long-form plan and a custom plan. If users choose to be billed annually, they’ll save around 33%. While the long-form plan will run users $19 to $12.67, the custom plan is just that — custom. For pricing info, users need to reach out directly.

Here’s how ChatSonic stacks up against ChatGPT:

Discover how ChatSonic compares to ChatGPT.

9. Augment AI

Augment AI is an assistant tool designed to save the user time in both their personal and professional lives. It can remember, anticipate, and complete tasks for users, essentially functioning as a virtual assistant. 

For example, a few of Augument’s capabilities include:

  • Taking notes during meetings (as well as summarizing what was said)
  • Writing emails and messages for you (with your same tone) on apps like Slack, iMessage, and WhatsApp
  • Creating agendas
  • Helping you remember what you said, heard, or saw
  • Brainstorming and ideating

10. Altered AI

Altered AI is a professional voice-changing software and service that functions via AI technology. Users can utilize Altered to change their voice to any of Altered’s collection of voices. People using this service can also create custom voices. 

The ability to create and clone voices to fit your specific project can extend far beyond your own voice. For example, Altered offers celebrity voices. Users can then edit voice recordings as they see fit.

Altered offers three main pricing tiers: “Creator,” “Professional,” and “Enterprise.” The prices of these varies per plan and per billing period. 

So, for example, if users choose to be billed quarterly, they’ll receive a 10% discount. If they choose to be billed annually, they’ll get a 25% discount. The “Creator” plan will cost you £49 if you’re billed monthly while the “Professional” plan costs £150 per month. The “Enterprise” plan requires users to directly reach out to Altered AI for a quote.

The Bottom Line

Generative AI isn’t going away. In fact, researchers think the generative AI field is going to expand rapidly in the next few years. 

Hopefully, these top 10 best GPT apps can act as an easy introduction into not only generative AI, but its capabilities and endless possibilities for the average person.


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