Virtual Toastmasters + 5 More Online Opportunities

January 9, 2023

3 min read

Virtual Toastmasters + 5 More Online Opportunities

Are there virtual Toastmasters clubs? How else can people benefit from Toastmasters online?

Even though Toastmasters International is nearly 100 years old, they’re staying up with the times. You can attend virtual Toastmasters meetings and take advantage of several other opportunities to learn public speaking and leadership skills online.

Continue reading to discover how you can connect, even if you’re not currently a member of Toastmasters.

Virtual Toastmasters Clubs & Meetings

Remember 2020, when the world went inside? Toastmasters International, which has held local club meetings since 1924, innovated and went virtual. Over 80% of their clubs met online during the lockdowns, and many still do.

Toastmasters club meetings are known for being safe and supportive places to practice your public speaking and leadership skills and get feedback from people who want you to succeed. It’s no different in virtual Toastmasters meetings. You’re still heard, stretched, and encouraged. You still belong.

Some clubs meet exclusively online, and others offer a hybrid option. You can attend a hybrid club meeting virtually or in person.

To find a virtual Toastmasters club, you have a couple of options:

  • Browse clubs that have an online or hybrid option. In the Search Options, select “Online attendance.” You can search for clubs in your area or anywhere in the world!
  • Browse “Online-Only” clubs. Here, you can find general clubs or clubs with a particular interest, such as the North America Chinese Bilingual Toastmasters, Witty Storytellers Online, NAACP Chicago Southside, and Toastmasters in the Kitchen.

All Toastmasters clubs help you improve your public speaking and leadership skills and provide you with fellowship and networking experiences. But, each club has its own personality and schedule, so try a club or two (or eight), and find one that’s a fit for you.

Resources for Virtual Toastmasters Meetings (or Any Virtual Meetings)

You can find resources for virtual Toastmasters meetings (or any virtual meetings) on their website. For example, they offer a handy infographic on how to “Feel Confident in Online Meetings.” You can practice these tips in a Toastmasters club meeting and with Yoodli’s free AI speech tool. Toastmasters has partnered with Yoodli to bring private and judgement free speech coaching to 300,000+ members globally. Learn more here. Either way, you’ll get experience and feedback!

Facilitating a meeting online takes particular skills, and Toastmasters provides a guide to successful online meetings. You can use these guidelines to lead any online meeting.

If you use Zoom for your online meetings, be sure to use the free integration with Yoodli to get immediate feedback on your speaking, eye contact, and more.

5 More Toastmasters Online Opportunities

While clubs are at the heart of Toastmasters, the organization provides more resources and programs to help you improve your skills. Most of these are available to non-members.

#1: Videos

You can watch Toastmasters videos on communicating across cultures, interview success, how to pick a captivating speech topic, communicating with humor, and lots more. Subscribe to the Toastmasters YouTube channel to keep up with the latest uploads.

#2: Podcasts

You can listen to Toastmasters podcast episodes about communication skills for entrepreneurs, stage fright, virtual event hosting, overcoming stuttering, and other topics.

#3: Pathways

Pathways is the central Toastmasters online learning program for members. Choose your own path (for example, Dynamic Leadership, Presentation Mastery, or Persuasive Influence), and embark on a journey through scores of competencies. Along the way, you’ll be supported and mentored by your fellow Toastmasters.

#4: Speechcraft

In Speechcraft, experienced Toastmasters members lead non-members through a digital learning program that lasts four, six, or eight weeks.

#5: Toastmaster Magazine

The organization published the first Toastmaster magazine in 1933, and it’s now also available online. You don’t have to be a member to read articles such as “How to Achieve Your Bold Goals,” “Slanguage,” and “Create a Conversation Resume.”

Wrapping Up

Virtual Toastmasters meetings and these online resources can help you grow in confidence and skills, enhancing your life and career. Today’s a great day to start and Yoodli’s AI powered speech coach can help 🙂


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