What Is a Speech Coach App (The Top 6 Best Apps)

April 10, 2023

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Here's our list of the top seven best speech coach apps.

The expansion of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry has touched almost all areas of our life, from video filters to content creation to speech coaching. AI speech coach apps in particular have really taken off as of late.

In our comprehensive article, we’ll take a deep dive into speech coach apps, including what they are, our best example, and the top six best speech coach apps you need to know about. 

What Is a Speech Coach App?

A speech coach app is an app that aims to help users improve some aspect of their speech. These apps are usually available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and on your desktop. 

Speech coach apps can help users with lots of things, such as:

  • Confidence when speaking
  • Interview preparation
  • Everyday speaking practice
  • Presentation pre
  • English speaking practice
  • Public speaking improvement

Usually, speech coach apps track metrics like your pacing, filler word usage, word choice, and even body language, depending on the app.

While some speech coaches apps — such as Yoodli — are free of charge, others charge users monthly or annually via a subscription or other plan.

What Is the Yoodli AI Speech Coach App?

Simply put, Yoodli is the ultimate speech coach app. It’s a speech coach powered by AI technology, like many of the up-and-coming apps these days (think ChatGPT). 

The Yoodli communication coach gives users private, valuable feedback on their speech and speaking patterns. Here’s how it works. 

Users upload or record a video on Yoodli. This could be a Zoom call, an interview over Google Meet, or simply a video of you practicing a speech. Then, Yoodli does the rest. The speech coach analyzes your speaking patterns and speech by taking an in-depth look at key insights.

So, for example, you’ll get access to metrics such as:

  • Your body language, such as your facial expressions and eye contact
  • Non-inclusive language you might’ve accidentally used while speaking
  • Weak word usage, including which weak words were used
  • Your filler word usage (how often you use them, which filler words you use, and when you use them)
  • Your pace (AKA, how fast you’re speaking), among other valuable insights
Yoodli is the ideal speech coach app.
Yoodli is the ideal speech coach app that provides individualized, private feedback.

You’ll also get a complete transcript of what you said, including timestamps that allow you to go back to a certain part of your speech. 

In addition to that, users have access to arguably the best part of the Yoodli AI speech coach: its personalized coaching comments, suggestions, and feedback for improvement. 

Yoodli AI Speech Coach App: How You Can Improve Your Public Speaking 

Improving your speech with the Yoodli AI speech coach app is easier than you could imagine. 

Once you’ve recorded or uploaded a video for Yoodli to analyze, the improvement stage can begin. 

To use Yoodli to improve your public speaking, take a close look at your metrics and coaching comments. For example, you might notice your pace is 180 words per minute — if that’s the case, Yoodli will recommend slowing your speaking pace to at least 170 words per minute.

Or maybe your speech is 13% filler words. In this case, Yoodli will recommend dropping that to around 4% through techniques like using natural pauses to allow yourself more time to think about what you’d like to say next.  

Yoodli's personalized coaching comments is one of the best parts about the speech coach app.
Yoodli’s personalized coaching comments is one of the best parts about the speech coach app.

As far as coaching comments go, Yoodli will give you personalized feedback based on your speech. For example, the AI speech coach might recommend you rephrase a section to make your speech more concise. 

You can use Yoodli for interview prep, English practice, speech preparation, or just practice for everyday small talk or impromptu speaking.

Top 6 Best Speech Coach Apps

Since we’ve already mentioned Yoodli, we’ll explore six more options and evaluate how they stack up. Yoodli aside, here are the top 6 best speech coach apps.

  1. Ummo App

Ummo is a speech coach app that’s meant to help users eliminate filler words like “uh” and “um” from their speech. It also tracks your clarity, pacing, and word power. For example, users can input which phrases or words they want to keep track of and Ummo will evaluate the above metrics. 

You can download the Ummo app on the Play Store or the Apple Store and check it out via your smartphone. Here, you’ll get feedback for improvement. Ummo’s target audience include students, clients, employees, educators, and even professional speech coaches. 

  1. LikeSo

LikeSo is another option for speech coaching. Like Yoodli and Ummo, the app’s purpose is to help users improve their communication skills, whether that’s for your next interview, date, presentation, meeting, debate, or audition.

This app scores users with an “Articulate” grade that ranges from A+ to “Uh Oh!” Like Yoodli, the app evaluates a person’s filler word usage and pacing. 

LikeSo’s two modes are “TalkAbout” and “FreeStyle.” While “TalkAbout” is a conversation game meant to help users improve their impromptu speaking, “FreeStyle” is the mode that allows users speak openly about whatever they’d like, whether it’s presentation practice or an audition warm-up.

  1. PromptSmart Pro – Teleprompte‪r

While Yoodil’s target audience is anyone looking to improve their speech, PromptSmart’s average user is someone in broadcast journalism, video production, or anyone who uses a teleprompter. With this app, you can import scripts and practice them as the words appear in a teleprompt-like format. You can also edit and prep your scripts, as well as sync them across devices.

Unlike Yoodli, PromptSmart isn’t free. There are three packages — “Starter Pack,” “Team,” and “Enterprise” — which range in price from $99.99 to $199.99 a year. 

  1. Voice Analyst

Voice Analyst by SpeechTools is an app that analyzes a person’s pitch and volume as opposed to metrics used to improve your everyday speech. You can also store and record your voice and even send recordings via email. You’ll be able to see your voice’s pitch and volume on trend graphs, too. 

For example, you could email a recording to your primary care physician through telehealth. You could also send recordings to your speech therapist via Voice Analyst, just like you can with Yoodli. 

It’s available on the App Store or Google Play. 

  1. The Art of Public Speaking

The Art of Public Speaking app by WestPub Mindful Relax and Meditation is an app meant to improve your public speaking abilities. You might be familiar with Dale Carnegie’s “The Art of Public Speaking,” one of the best public speaking books out there. The app includes both an eBook and audiobook version of Carnegie’s book.

Just like Yoodli, The Art of Public Speaking app also showcases well-known public speaking figures and their respective speeches. These are meant to give users motivation and inspiration when practicing their speech.

  1. VirtualSpeech – VR Courses

VirtualSpeech, on the other hand, is tailored more toward teams or groups rather than individuals. Its courses target users’ soft skills through pathways like “Winning New Clients,” “Communicating as a Leader,” “Public Speaking Mastery,” “Facilitator Training,” and “Remote Working Essentials.” 

Its main downside is the lack of options for individuals to privately work on their speech. However, unlike Yoodli, VirtualSpeech – VR Courses aren’t free. In fact, an individual subscription costs $45 per month (about $399 per year if you pay annually). For small teams, that’s $34 per month, billed annually (so, about $408 per year) and enterprise teams will have to reach out independently for a quote.

The Key Takeaway

Although there are other speech coach apps, Yoodli stands out as the most comprehensive (and free) option. Still, our list of six best speech coach apps can provide alternatives and options that can complement your practice with Yoodli.

Don’t wait to improve your speaking skills, especially when you can take advantage of a free AI speech coach. 


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