What Is an AI Speech Coach?

December 4, 2022

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What is an AI speech coach?

An artificial intelligence (AI) powered speech coach or AI public speaking coach, such as Yoodli, is a personalized platform that provides you judgment-free data on your filler words, pacing, eye contact, and more. Typically, people practice their speeches or interviews in front of a mirror — an AI speech coach app is like your smart mirror. It plays back your speech, instantly generates a transcript and provides you analytics on key elements like posture, speed, and repetitive phrases, to help you improve your speaking.

How is an AI speech coach app different from a typical public speaking coach?

Public speaking coaching usually involves 3–5 one on one sessions or group sessions with an expert human coach. These coaches tend to be successful speakers — former Toastmasters champions, actors, journalists, and even comedians. An expert human coach can help you unpack your insecurities like a therapist would to help you improve your messaging and delivery.

An AI speech coach as the medical report if the human speech coach is the doctor. The AI system provides objective metrics to help you track your progress over time. For example, it might show you how you’re tracking on your use of filler words across multiple meetings. It also generates a transcript and provides additional data that the human coach may not have time to give. AI speech coaching is a great entry point for people who are under tight deadlines, cannot afford a human coach or are looking for ways to reinforce the lessons they learned with a human expert.

Can I use an AI speech coach along with a human speech coach?

Yes! They’re not mutually exclusive. Think of the AI speech coach as similar to the Turbotax accounting software and the human coach as the accountant. As a tax payer, I get the most value when I work with both options together — they help me in different ways.

If you’re not ready to start working with a human coach, you can get started with the Yoodli AI solution to quickly diagnose your speaking and see improvements on your everyday Zoom calls. When you’re ready, you can always transition to a human expert! Sign up at www.yoodli.ai

Yoodli (www.yoodli.ai) is partnering with thousands of public speaking coaches including World Champions of Public Speaking, TEDx instructors, and large coaching companies such as SNP Communications and Toastmasters International to help you improve your speaking skills.

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