What to Know About Mockmate (Pros, Cons, Alternatives)

February 25, 2023

7 min read

What Is Mockmate?

Now more than ever, companies are using online platforms like Zoom and Google Meet to conduct virtual interviews. And with the recent layoffs in the tech and media industries, having impressive interview skills is crucial.  

Luckily, with artificial intelligence’s emergence in popularity, there are multiple options for people trying to improve their speaking and interviewing skills. Mockmate is a great example of such an option.

In our thorough review, we’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about Mockmate, including its notable pros, any cons to this platform, and alternative options for those looking to practice and sharpen their interview skills.

What Is Mockmate?

Mockmate is an AI platform that offers users automated mock interviews. Mockmate’s goal is to help those looking for a job or a career change to get hired faster through these automated interviews. In a similar vein, the platform also caters to companies. 

Mockmate uses both natural language processing and AI for interviews and independent analysis. 

Here are the best things about this platform.

What Are the Biggest Pros of Mockmate? 

Mockmate has a handful of benefits to its AI platform. Some of the primary pros of this brand include the:

  • Interview practice and preparation component
  • Interview question bank
  • Tailored advice and feedback users receive

Let’s take a closer look at some of those benefits. 

Interview Preparation and Practice

This benefit is Mockmate’s claim to fame: interview preparation and practice. This is definitely a pro that users are looking for, too. 

Mockmate’s clients — individual users and companies — use its automated interviewing services, as well as the resulting analysis, to improve their interview skills. 

People who use Mockmate do so by responding to questions. Users can answer practice interview questions by: 

  • Typing their answer
  • Recording a video of themselves answering the question
  • Using only audio to respond 

Users can then review, edit, and even redo the interview question response if they need to.

No matter who’s using Mockmate, they should be able to practice interviewing to their heart’s content. 

Interview Question Bank

Mockmate also has a large interview question bank for users to choose from. Its database houses hundreds of practice interview questions. Users practicing for interviews can be presented with questions at random, or they can select specific questions themselves. 

Within Mockmate’s question bank are interview questions from actual companies, such as Google, Amazon, and AB Inbev. 

Users then use these questions to respond to and get specific feedback. 

Tailored Advice and Feedback

The tailored feedback and advice Mockmate provides its users is another pro.

Once the user finishes responding to an interview question, they submit their response and Mockmate’s algorithm provides the feedback.

This feedback includes insights on the user’s performance, namely tailored advice. Mockmate will provide the user with some examples of appropriate answers to the selected interview question as well. 

What Are the Biggest Cons of Mockmate?

No platform is perfect, Mockmate included. There are a few cons to this mock interview simulator, including the: 

  • Cost
  • More basic analytics


While Mockmate does offer a free version, it does severely limit the user in terms of what they can access. If you’d like to get the most out of Mockmate, you’ll have to pay for it. 

The free version allows users an individual account. With this account, they can respond to 10 free questions with immediate feedback. 

The other two options are paid subscriptions. The first — tailored for career coaches — costs $29 per month. This subscription includes 50 accounts, with unlimited interview questions, weekly analytics, and access to the White Label Portal. 

The second paid subscription option caters to colleges and universities. This option costs $449 per month. For that price, the account holder will get up to 1,000 accounts, an unlimited number of interview questions, weekly analytics, and access to the White Label Portal. 

While individual users can definitely use the free version, keep in mind that this only includes 10 questions. 

Basic Analytics

Depending on what you’re looking for in an AI interview coach, Mockmate’s analysis could seem basic to some. 

Mockmate does provide multiple types of scoring based on analytics — such as repetition, answer length, and most pronounced words — these insights seem to only scratch the surface of what’s possible with a mock interview simulator. 

Alternatives like Yoodli go into a bit more depth with feedback and analytics. 

Yoodli: The Best (Free) Alternative to Mockmate

The great news? Yoodli offers all of the aforementioned benefits — including interview practice and preparation, personalized analytics — completely free of charge. 

Although with Mockmate, people using the free version can only respond to 10 interview questions, folks who use Yoodli can respond to unlimited questions (thus, unlimited, individualized feedback).

This AI-powered speech coach leverages artificial intelligence to analyze the speech and  speaking patterns of a user. Yoodli can even give users insights on their body language, like their eye contact and facial expressions. Some of the analytics you’ll have access to include:

  • Your pacing rate (AKA, how fast or slow you speak)
  • Your filler word usage, including which fillers you use, how often, and when you used them
  • Your word choice, like repetition and weak word usage
  • Your body language
  • And any non-inclusive language you might accidentally use, among other metrics

Yoodli for Interview Preparation and Practice

One of the most popular components of Yoodli is the interview practice and prep function. 

What Is Mockmate?
Yoodli is the perfect, free Mockmate alternative.

People can participate in mock interviews so as to get real-time insights and use them to improve. This helps folks skip the guesswork of, “How can I improve?” and directs them straight to, “This is how you can improve.”

By doing these mock interview questions, you’ll get specific direction letting you know what you should work on next. It could be anything from your word choice to your pacing and your virtual presence overall.

Yoodli’s library of pre-made interview questions is expansive and branches across multiple industries. For example, you can practice interview questions in the vein of: 

  • Product marketing 
  • Consulting 
  • Marketing
  • Finance

And of course, Yoodli also offers more general questions to target some of the most commonly asked questions in interviews. The best part is users can actually input their own questions to respond to. For example, maybe you have a medical school interview coming up. If that’s the case, you could input questions specific to med school that you think the interviewer will ask you.

For an extra challenge, try randomizing the questions with the “Surprise Me” option. This will give users a variety of questions to respond to completely at random. 

Once you choose the questions you’d like to respond to, your answer will be recorded and timed. You can then check out the instant, personalized insights and actionable feedback to elevate and build on your interviewing skills. 

In addition to these real-time analytics, you’ll also get live reminders to help you make sure you address all of your talking points. 

If you’re actively job searching (or participating in lots of interviews), you can track your improvement over time so you can pinpoint areas of growth and areas you might want to continue working on. Your personalized dashboard will showcase your core metrics and any common trends or themes amongst your responses. 

But Yoodli wasn’t created solely for interview preparation and practice. 

What Else Can You Use Yoodli for?

Because Yoodli is an actual AI communication coach, folks can use the platform for a plethora of reasons. Some of the most common reasons why people use Yoodli is to improve their: 

  • Public speaking skills
  • Presentations for work or school
  • Speech
  • And even just everyday communication skills

Here’s how it works. Anyone can upload (or use Yoodli to record directly) a video of themselves speaking and they’ll get real-time, instant metrics and feedback regarding their speech patterns and speech content — all for free.

You can find out how to stop using filler words, use pauses to your advantage, and tons of other helpful tips to take your speaking skills to the next level. 

Thanks to Yoodli’s capabilities as a speech coach, users also receive personalized coaching comments. These comments are designed specifically based on your speech and offer actionable feedback. By using new, innovative generative AI, Yoodli gives its users a summary of their primary talking points as well as contextual follow-up questions. 

Check out Yoodli’s quick video explainer to explore more of these specifics:

Learn more about Yoodli, the perfect, free Mockmate alternative.

In comparison to Mockmate, Yoodli excels at not just interview prep, but speech coaching as a whole. 

The Takeaway

Mockmate is an impressive platform. However, Yoodli’s free services can be a godsend for people who don’t have the means to pay for a subscription. 

Not only are Yoodli’s services free of charge, but it offers users the exact same type of analytics as Mockmate — just more in-depth. If you’re looking to improve your confidence and public speaking skills, Yoodli’s individualized speech insights, actionable suggestions, and coaching comments make this platform a great solution.


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