Yoodli? Yoodlie? Yoodle? Yodlee? Udli? Uli? What’s in a name?

January 14, 2023

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Far too often, we get asked where the name Yoodli came from! Why is your public speaking coach called Yoodli out of all things? What does Yoodli mean? Read on to find out more:

What does the Yoodli name mean?

Yoodli is a play on the word “yodel” which is a type of voice exercise. For those of you who’ve watched the Sound of Music movie, you probably remember the song titled “The Lonely Goatherd.” Professional actors and singers yodel all the time to keep their muscles warm and open out their lungs. We made up the word Yoodli around the word Yodel to pay homage to our speech coaching roots!

Why did you name a public speaking company Yoodli?

Great question! We think its unfair that two out of three people are afraid of public speaking. We all speak all the time! How can we make speaking, something that’s deeply human, fun and light and playful? By reflecting that in our brand! Try saying Yoodli out loud three times quickly. You’ll end up smiling 🙂

Plus, Yoodli has the two Os and the L making us right at home with other companies you’ve probably thought of (Erm, what does Google mean?!). If you want to see how important a name is, check out what the Silicon Valley show had to say about the importance of a name.

What’s the right pronunciation of the name Yoodli?

We’ve seen all kinds of spellings of Yoodli! Anything from Udli to Yodli to Yooodli. The best way to say Yoodli is to emphasize the Os, and say the word quickly in a high pitched voice (You – ooooo – dli!). Check out the video below by expert coach Carissa Karner explaining how you can say Yoodli (and use it to improve your communication skills!)

Check out the fun ways in which you can pronounce Yoodli

What can Yoodli do for me?

Yoodli is a private, personalized, and judgement free speech coach. Yoodli provides you artificial intelligence powered analytics on the way you speak – you’ll get data on your filler words, pacing, eye contact, body language, non inclusive language, hand gestures, and much else. Get started for free at www.yoodli.ai. Yoodli is also partnering with Toastmasters International to bring public speaking coaching to members across the world!

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The history behind Google’s name

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