Yoodli Skill: Reduce um filler words

August 30, 2023

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What are filler words and why do they matter?

Filler words (often called filled pauses or disfluencies) are words such as “um”, “uh” that we use in everyday communication. Using a few filler words (fewer than 3%) is considered a normal part of communicating. Overusing filler words signifies a lack of confidence – fillers take away from your message and give your listener a less than ideal experience. We’ve all been in conversations where we cannot focus because the speaker uses a filler word in every second sentence – don’t be that person!

What’s a good filler word goal to have?

Try speaking on three calls each week where you use fewer than 3% filler words!

How can you reduce your filler words?

Learning to cut out filler words is like learning any other skill. It requires deliberate effort. Here’s the simple process:

  1. Gather your statistics: Use Yoodli to analyze how many filler words you use and in what settings. If you’re already under 3%, you can try going even lower but you likely don’t have much to worry about 🙂
  2. Pause for intentionality: The next time you’re speaking, pause at the start of a thought. Pausing is the single best way of being deliberate with what you’re going to say – it might feel uncomfortable at first but you’ll notice that it forces you to use the most impactful language
  3. Track your progress: Measure and track your progress over time with Yoodli. Improving your speaking is like building any muscle. If you lose practice, you’ll likely recede to prior behavior.

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