Yoodli Skill: Avoid unnecessary repetition

August 30, 2023

1 min read

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What is repetition and why does it matter?

While speaking, we often repeat the same word back to back – this is repetition. Note that in certain cases, repetition can be powerful and used for impact – however, repeated double words (“so so”, “ok ok”, “like like” etc) can showcase a lack of confidence. They are similar to filler words if used unintentionally. For this week’s tip, we recommend removing unnecessary repetition from your speech.

What’s considered good repetition?

Anything under 4% repetition is considered conversational. You don’t want to be consistently be at 0% because that could sound robotic.

How can I reduce my repetition?

The best way to reduce weak words is to follow this plan:

  1. Identify your weak words: Use Yoodli on 5-7 calls to see which words you tend to use back to back. Getting quantifiable data is the first step in improving
  2. Be deliberate: Once you’ve identified your repeated word, be conscious about using it only when you truly mean to. In other cases, try pausing instead. The pause can seem uncomfortable at first but it’s the best way of being intentional with word choice.
  3. Track your progress: Improving your speaking is like building a muscle – you need to stay in practice. Use Yoodli to track your progress and ensure you’re under the 4% repetition word goal! You can see your statistics at http://www.yoodli.ai/dashboard

More details about repetition

Good luck!


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