Yoodli Skill: Don’t miss your talking points!

August 30, 2023

1 min read

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What is a talking point and why is it important?

Talking points are the main points or themes to address in a speech or conversation. These are the 3 or 5 most important ideas you want your listener to go away with at the end of your conversation. At an interview, this could be your education, previous work history, and hobbies as an example. Hitting your talking points helps you ensure that you stay on track during the conversation (and don’t lose your train of thought)

How do I hit my talking points?

People use a variety of tricks to hit their talking points: Some people keep a sticky note with key points next to their laptop camera. Others scribble their talking points on a notepad they can refer to during the conversation.

With Yoodli, you can now use generative AI to help keep track of your talking points. Yoodli will provide you realtime nudges reminding you to hit the key points on your call.

How do I use Yoodli talking points?

In order to use Yoodli talking points, make sure to open the desktop app:

  1. Create a template: Create a list of talking points you might want to use on a call (these could be standup updates, elevator pitch etc)
  2. Use talking points on your next call: As your call starts, select the talking point template (or jot down talking points on the fly) and Yoodli will give you realtime reminders to hit those points
  3. Track your progress: At the end of your call, Yoodli will tell you what percent of talking points you successfully hit. Track your progress over time at http://www.yoodli.ai/dashboard

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