Yoodli Skill: Get conscious about unconscious bias

August 30, 2023

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What is unconscious bias, and why does it matter?

Much like weak words in our language, unconscious bias operates below our perceptual radar, impacting our attitudes and behavior towards others without us even realizing it. This implicit bias is an ingrained stereotype about certain groups of people that we’ve unknowingly absorbed from cultural, societal, and familial influences.

The issue with unconscious bias isn’t it being present but letting it go unmonitored. It can lead to discriminatory behavior, unfair treatment, and cause decision-making biases at work, most notably when it comes to recruitment, promotion, and interaction.

What’s considered a problematic level of unconscious bias?

Just like weak or filler words, having fewer instances of biased language is generally preferable. However, continuously maintaining a perfect score of 0% might suggest that you’re ignoring the reality that biases do exist to some extent in us all. Recognizing this fact is both healthy and useful in the path towards personal growth and understanding.

How to manage your unconscious bias effectively?

Building awareness and mitigating unconscious bias is similar to reducing weak or filler words. Here’s a plan:

  1. Identify your bias: Use the Yoodli desktop app during 5-7 meetings to spot any bias in your language. Yoodli will listen when you speak, identifying and analyzing any signs of bias, and when it tends to occur.
  2. Pause, reflect, and be deliberate: Once you’ve identified your unconscious biases, you can begin working towards minimizing them. Use the pause technique, and reflect before you respond. This allows you to be more intentional, think about what you’re about to say, and ensures you’re not unknowingly perpetuating biases.
  3. Track your progress: Managing biases is like building a mental muscle – it requires consistent practice. Let Yoodli guide you on this journey, providing you feedback about your progress over time at www.yoodli.ai/dashboard.

Unconscious biases can creep into our daily conversations unnoticed. However, with awareness, deliberate action, and a helpful tool like Yoodli, we can keep them in check and ensure our words align with our commitment to equality and inclusion!

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