Dale Carnegie Texas Partners with Yoodli to Bring Gen AI Speech Coaching to Millions Worldwide

March 11, 2024

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Dale Carnegie Texas and Yoodli today announced a collaboration to deliver personalized and real-time AI-powered communication coaching for professionals.

Yoodli is an AI-powered communications company based in Seattle. With Yoodli, you can get real-time coaching during your online meeting, or you can train for your next presentation, conversation, or interview using AI. After training, Yoodli provides feedback on your content, clarity, and speaking attributes like executive presence, filler word usage, and pace.

Yoodli’s coaching can be customized around your coaching framework. Dale Carnegie AI, powered by Yoodli, will coach Dale Carnegie clients on their public speaking using the bespoke Dale Carnegie IP and learning methods. “Almost everyone in the world has heard of Dale Carnegie’s impact in the world of public speaking” said Esha Joshi, Co Founder at Yoodli. We’re honored to be taking this legacy and bringing it to millions more people using cutting edge AI.

Dale Carnegie believed that great presenters are not born. They take the time and the commitment to learn and practice essential skills and make them their own. With the right coaching you can discover your unique strengths as a presenter and develop additional skills and professional characteristics that can push you to your next level of success as a leader in your organization.

“At Dale Carnegie, we stand behind our century-long commitment to pioneering personal and professional development. Our unique coaching methodology, blending AI-powered precision with the irreplaceable human touch of in-person coaching, is the cornerstone of our clients’ exponential breakthroughs. At Dale Carnegie, we don’t just believe in transformative experiences; we create them.” – David Wright, President & CEO

In order to get started with Dale Carnegie AI sign up at https://www.dalecarnegie.com/en/locations/texas/aicoach 


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