Akshat Shrivastava

For all my adolescence and early adult life, I was a very hesitant and reserved person. I couldn't stand in front of an audience, or communicate confidently and clearly. I was so under-confident that it made me feel insecure all the time.​ Random turn of events landed me in front of an audience when I was 19, and I began to learn. I read books, attended conferences, found mentors and never missed an opportunity to enhance my skills. Over next 10 years, I went on to speak to people around the world through various social, educational and corporate platforms. What was once my biggest weakness, I not only turned it into my biggest strength, but also made it my profession. ​In 2019, I won Toastmasters International Speech Contest from Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat (Division A, D98) and qualified as one of the top 11 speakers from 7 states of India. I have been awarded by various accolades including Effective Coaching Level-5, Presentation Mastery Level-5, Competent Communicator and Advanced Leader Bronze by Toastmasters International.In last 3 years, I've trained 10000+ people and coached some really interesting individuals - from CEOs in New York City to business leaders in middle east, to IT professionals in Canada, to startup founders in India. I am passionate about Personal growth, Leadership, Communication and Public Speaking. When I am not delivering training, these are the topics I love to write about. To know about my Training and Coaching programs, please visit my website : www.akshatshrivastava.in. You can drop me an Email on akshatshrivastava08@gmail.com

Types of Clients

Business Leaders, CXOs, Founders, Senior Managers

Services Offered

Executive Coaching - Communication and Public Speaking