Alex Fairlie

Hi, I'm Alex Fairlie! I've always been deeply interested in studying human behavior. I find it fascinating to uncover the inner workings of a person and understand what truly drives them. It's a passion that has driven me to pursue a variety of paths in life, from acting and directing to sales, management, and training. I wasn't a natural born communicator but I have always been driven to understand situations and find solutions. I wanted to find a way to help people by combining my passions for performing and human behavior, which ultimately led me to become a presentation coach. I have over 20 years of experience as an actor and more than 10 years successfully running training sessions and sales presentations. In addition, I am also a certified nonverbal communication trainer. With my expertise, I'm uniquely equipped to help clients refine the content of their presentations and to master their body language, vocal techniques, and other nonverbal cues to enhance their message.

Types of Clients

Business Professionals and Speakers

Services Offered

Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, and Nonverbal Communication Coaching.