Angela Belford

Angela Belford is an exceptional author, influential speaker, and renowned coach specializing in executive coaching, speech coaching, and communication coaching. With a keen focus on addressing the emotional issues that often hinder individuals from achieving success in public speaking, Angela has transformed the lives and careers of numerous clients. Having competed in the prestigious 2015 World Championship of Public Speakers, Angela brings a wealth of firsthand experience and expertise to her coaching practice. She understands the challenges and fears that can hold individuals back from reaching their full potential on stage, and she is dedicated to helping her clients overcome these obstacles. With her compassionate and insightful approach, Angela dives deep into the emotional aspects of public speaking, providing her clients with the tools and strategies to manage stage fright, boost confidence, and deliver impactful presentations. Her coaching goes beyond technical skills, as she believes that addressing the underlying emotional barriers is crucial for achieving genuine and compelling communication.

Types of Clients

Business owners & professionals, professors, and aspiring speakers

Services Offered

Speech coaching, Executive Coaching, Marketing, Communication coaching