Charlie Ruiz

Charlie’s coaching journey starts and continues in the spirit of high-performance. As a former professional athlete, now communication consultant; he’s been integrated in all facets of leadership development. In addition to heading up a 1:1 coaching product, he’s facilitated upwards of 600 + management trainings for companies across the start-up and fortune 100 (Google, Coinbase, SAP, Apple, Snowflake and Starbucks). Working primarily in the technology space, he’s coached founders, IC’s and C-suite executives in both group and 1:1 settings. Training with coaches in sport and technology, his experimental style helps leaders gain confidence and get out of their own way. Leveraging mental discipline as a cornerstone, he believes preparation and consistency is key to executing in the moment. Preparation starts with gaining clarity, committing to action and creating habitual routines that facilitate growth across industry. Before the jump into tech, Charlie was drafted in the 10th round of the 2009 MLB Draft by the Colorado Rockies. After years identifying with one singular identity, his new venture with CLR Connection is in service to athletes, veterans and industry executives experiencing career pivots and maintaining levels of high performance through practical coaching. His aim is to not just help with the transition but enhance while leading through transition. This includes identifying new opportunities, navigating internal shifts and responsibilities or redefining existing skill sets from a past identity. Once identified, he works to build habits, up-level communication and optimize behavior as it relates to sustaining leadership performance, no matter what industry you find yourself in.

Types of Clients

High-pressure, high-stakes, high-performance. Disciplined. Athletic mindset (many happen to have an athletic background). Have a story to tell and translate. People Managers to C-Suite. Typically interested in optimizing performance for self and translating similar habits, systems to SUSTAINING high-performing teams.

Services Offered

1:1 Executive Coaching - Group Coaching - Custom Workshops/Training