Connected Speech Pathology

Welcome to Connected Speech Pathology! Our highly qualified communication coaches and accent trainers can assist you with your communication concerns. Our communication coaches and accent trainers are speech pathologists with master's degrees in communication sciences, providing them with a deep understanding of speech anatomy, physiology, phonetics, and language. This enables us to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your specific needs and focus on the areas that require the most attention during training. Our accent trainers have undergone extensive training and are certified to help individuals reduce their accents effectively. We take pride in our trainers' abilities to provide tailored training programs that produce significant improvement in our clients' communication skills. Thank you for considering Connected Speech Pathology for your communication needs. We are eager to work with you and help you achieve your communication goals.

Types of Clients

We work with students or professionals who are looking to improve their clarity and confidence to be more effective, natural, and straightforward.

Services Offered

We offer communication coaching, interview and presentation skills training, and accent modification. Some of the issues that we can help within include: Improving the clarity of speech Projecting confidence and building rapport quickly Using body language and nonverbal cues effectively Finessing presentation design and delivery Refining written skills Fine-tuning grammar Eliminating distracting, nervous filler words Facilitating meetings that foster collaboration and efficiency Staying calm and collected during difficult conversations Thinking on your feet and speaking with ease when put on the spot