Dr. Sunny Fridge

Dr. Sunny Fridge is an award-winning broadcaster, presentation and public speaking coach with over 25 years of experience as a media professional and journalism educator. Through her company Speak and Shine™ LLC, she specializes in helping Toastmasters, entrepreneurs, and camera-shy speakers overcome their fear and speak with confidence and ease. As a Certified Roger Love Method™ Voice Coach, Dr. Sunny combines proven strategies with a personalized approach to improve clients' vocal projection, body language, speech clarity, and audience connection. As a distinguished Toastmaster, she leverages her insider knowledge of Toastmasters and extensive leadership experience, to guide clients effectively in speech contests, impactful speeches, and impromptu speaking.Dr. Sunny's expertise also extends to camera-shy entrepreneurs, providing practical tools to be comfortable on camera, maintain eye contact, utilize body language, and project confidence. She teaches techniques for structuring compelling content, delivering clear messages, and engaging visuals or storytelling. Dr. Sunny incorporates cutting-edge technology by leveraging Yoodli.ai, an innovative speech analysis and feedback platform. By utilizing this AI-powered tool, Dr. Sunny offers her clients real-time feedback on their speaking patterns, word choice, and pacing to improve delivery. Whether you're a Toastmaster looking to master your message, an entrepreneur seeking to show up and shine online, or a student aiming to excel in presentations, Dr. Sunny is dedicated to helping you unleash your God-given potential as a confident and influential speaker. Prepare to captivate your audience, convey your ideas with clarity and conviction, and make a lasting impact with the guidance of Dr. Sunny, your trusted presentation skills and public speaking coach.

Types of Clients

Camera-shy speakers, Entrepreneurs, Rising Leaders, Toastmasters

Services Offered

Presentation Skills Coaching. I help clients prepare, practice and present speeches that wow 1 or 1 thousand.