Dr. Wendy LeBorgne

Dr. Wendy LeBorgne is a sought-after voice pathologist, international speaker, top-selling author, and elite executive communication coach. Considered both a pioneer and expert in the field of voice, communication, and vocal athletes, Dr. LeBorgne brings a unique blend of the art and science of the human voice, and its impact and influence on others. Her recent TED talk on Voice Branding™ enlightens audiences on the elements of authentic, engaged communication. She has had over two decades of experience helping elite vocal athletes optimize performance, engage audiences, and sustain attention whether in the boardroom, behind a podium, or on a prime-time stage.

Types of Clients

High-performance speakers & professional-level communicators (e.g. C-suite, Politicians, Medical executives; Public figures; Athletes)

Services Offered

Voice & Communication Maximization; Speechwriting; Presentation Coaching - on-site consulting; Communication Profiles for individuals & teams; Voice biometric profiles; Laryngeal scoping/imaging & voice rehabilitation