Helen Moses

Helen Moses, owner of Speak Up Communications, has over 30 years of experience and expertise in using her voice effectively across a variety of roles, including as a TEDx speaker and speaker-coach, voice coach, corporate trainer, speech-language pathologist, classically-trained singer, Distinguished Toastmaster, wife, mother, and successful entrepreneur. She offers communication and voice empowerment coaching to speakers, leaders, and ministers. Author of the Amazon best-seller, Voice Unleashed: Speaking Up with Faith and Courage, her mission in work and life is to help individuals and teams communicate with alignment, confidence, and empathy, building stronger and more lasting relationships that lead to greater fulfillment, efficiency, and results for all.

Types of Clients

executives, managers, leaders, authors, TEDx and keynote speakers

Services Offered

1-1 coaching for increasing speaking confidence, speaking more authentically, communicating in difficult or challenging situations, improving presentations, TEDx speaker coaching, keynote presentation coaching, interview preparation, coaching for speaking on video/podcasts