Isaiah McPeak

What happens when you cross a strategic intelligence major, global military kid, homeschooler, trumpet player, and debate coach? You get Isaiah McPeak. He's founded 6 businesses, led teams of 50+ since age 23, consulted fortune 500 execs, won head to head vs McKinsey consultants, built a biodefense team, and consulted over 300 merchants and small businesses. His current company is Next Up Leader where he is accelerating the skills of those entering new responsibilities--like revenue conversations, negotiations, and high stakes presentations--and he runs an app dev shop and marketing agency in Bangladesh. Isaiah's also coached 10 national public speaking/debate champs, placed top five nationally five times, and translated that to success in business and leadership via concrete classical rhetoric and behavioral brain science skills.

Types of Clients

CEOs, pro athletes, tech companies, emergent leaders.

Services Offered

1. Complex problem solving on the fly. 2. Critical thinking that precedes communication: invention, discovery, arrangement, storyboarding. 3. High-stakes communication 4. B2B sales predictable dramas: discovery, demo, gatekeepers, negotiation 5. Building skills in Next Up Leaders.