Jennie Turton Miculit

Jennie Turton (Miculit) is a Certified Professional, Leadership, Life, Intimacy, and Hendricks Coach and a Certified Coach Trainer who has been curating communities, curriculums and containers designed to facilitate human transformation for the past twenty years. In addition to certifying hundreds of coaches, Jennie has maintained a successful private coaching practice since 2010. Her distinctive coaching approach seamlessly blends breathwork, play, somatic exercises, and trauma-informed techniques to guide personal breakthroughs and empower women to achieve their goals. With a fervent passion for the intersection of neuroscience, mind/body/spirit healing and personal development, Jennie is dedicated to helping her clients express their highest potential while experiencing their deepest happiness. Most recently, as the Founder of A Sacred Space for Restoring the Feminine Soul, Jennie is harnessing her extensive coaching and leadership background to build an online community tailored to support women on their journey to illuminate the brightest facets of their feminine essence, even during the most challenging moments.

Types of Clients

High achieving women looking to pursue their next upgrade professionally or personally.

Services Offered

Coaching, Somatic & Breath Work