John Maybury

Getting attention is part of John Maybury’s DNA. John Maybury Jr is a third generation NZ radio broadcaster who followed his father and grandfathers’ footsteps into radio and show business. So, his knowledge of what it takes to stand out comes from good pedigree. John spent most of his early life training in voice and stagecraft, before working in radio through his 20’s at some of the biggest commercial radio stations in the late 90s. He worked as an actor, MC and TV Presenter through this time as well honing his communication skills. He then moved to Australia and worked in event marketing and advertising agencies helping big brands tell stories through brand experiences. Now he combines his marketing and presentation skills to help ambitious business owners and leaders and owners, tell stories on video and on the stage get attention from their audience and achieve their business goals. As a presentation coach, he helps his clients uncover their stories, so they connect with their audience on a deeper level. Primary program:

Types of Clients

SWE Business owners wanting to grow their business (and online/offline presence)

Services Offered

Video Coaching, Speaker Training, Podcast Training, Networking Workshops