Kathryn Janicek

After several years as a spokesperson and 20 years as a journalist coaching anchors and reporters to captivate and keep audiences' attention, winning three Emmy Awards, a national Telly Award for storytelling, and Associated Press awards, Kathryn Janicek opened the consulting firm, Kathryn Janicek Productions. We are the firm that combines executive public speaking training, media coaching, personal/professional image coaching/branding, executive presence training, and impactful messaging training with executive wellness coaching to help leaders increase their bottom line, retain employees, and attract more high-level applicants, donors, and investors. Kathryn Janicek Productions trains leaders at Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, tech startups, and many people you see in the media daily. With Kathryn's 25+ years of experience in media, we expertly guide leaders in compelling messaging and delivering with impact when in the media or speaking with any audience. We are 100% women-owned and WBENC-certified (the most widely recognized and respected national certification for women-owned businesses in the U.S.). We also just won the 2023 National Enterprising Woman Award for our work with non-profit organizations. Traditional media and public speaking coaching focus on the technicality of your message, simply identifying soundbites, how to bridge, where to pause, and what words to hit. At Kathryn Janicek Productions, we know it takes messaging and much more. Studies show we rely on far more than the spoken word, like body language and vocal tone, to understand someone's message. An audience is just as focused on non-verbal communication, if not more so. We emphasize all three communication methods because we know how crucial they are to gaining audiences' trust and making the biggest impact. That's why we take a holistic approach to training by focusing on a speaker's body language, vocal tone, and message. With our training, clients always get their return on investment in every media and public speaking opportunity. They also create a flywheel of positive opportunities to speak and become more visible. We also focus on the mindset and wellness of our spokespeople and executives by educating them so they feel and look their best. Believing you can deliver the best answers during a promotion interview, media interview, manage a team meeting, crush a keynote, webinar, or panel is key to a company's and its leaders' professional success. Confident and charismatic leaders add value to their businesses by showing employees, managers, and stakeholders that they believe in themselves and the mission of their role. We are also more likely to trust leaders who look like they can care for us and our business. Leaders communicate this best by taking good care of themselves.

Types of Clients

Fortune 500, Biotech, Fintech, Medical Associations, and Hospitals

Services Offered

Public Speaking Training, Media Coaching, Private Founder/CEO/C-Suite Coaching, Media Strategy Consulting, Crisis Communications, Speechwriting, Personal/Professional Brand Consulting