Shulunda Gibson, MA, CCC-SLP

Shulunda Gibson, MA, CCC-SLP, known as “The Voice Whisperer” by her clients, is the visionary founder behind The Speech & Voice Care Center (SVCC). As a highly skilled and experienced voice specialized speech pathologist, Shulunda has spent over two decades in medical and corporate speech pathology from traditional therapy to transformational voice coaching to teaching in higher education, and training. Her passion for helping others harness the power of their voices has made her a trusted and respected leader in the industry. Gibson's customized, high level speech and voice training is the missing piece to turn a leaders’ voice into a million-dollar asset that increases a company’s bottom line, forges deep, meaningful connections with employees and makes an organization's mission an unforgettable one. Through SVCC, Shulunda and her team of specialists provide private voice specialty speech pathology services, including speaking voice coaching, consulting, and professional development services. Whether you're an individual looking to improve your speaking skills or an organization seeking to enhance communication within your team, SVCC can help you tap into the full potential of your voice. With a culturally responsive approach to service delivery, SVCC fosters confidence, collaboration, connection, and authentic communication. Shulunda has helped thousands of professionals worldwide heal, love, and unleash their voices to speak with confidence. Join the ranks of successful SVCC clients and discover how to amplify your message in a way that grabs the attention of the people who need it most.

Types of Clients

Professional voice users from diverse backgrounds- Speakers, Leaders, Executives, and Entrepreneurs who want to improve their communication skills and tap into the power of their authentic voice. Clients range from shy or introverted executives looking to unlock their potential to attorneys on the partner track to international medical professionals and engineers to elite speakers with a heavy vocal demand that suffers from hoarseness or weak projection.

Services Offered

BeSpoke communication training services and vocal health/wellness. One on one coaching, small group training and workshops available through video or in person. Specific services: Voice therapy, Speaking voice coaching for vocal image and presence, English pronunciation, Accent related communication training, stuttering therapy, stage fright and communication confidence, traditional speech training for impediments, Gender affirming communication and voice training