Suzanne Sheely-Walker

Suzanne Sheel-Walker has more than 10-years of experience presenting interactive workshops with educators throughout the Southeast and local community organizations. She has been in the recruiting industry for more than ten years where she is able to use her unique skills to connect talent with the best opportunities to fit their skill set. She has recruited talent for corporations like Google, Delta Air Lines, UPS and Supply Chain Consultant firms. Independent clients request her coaching services for interviewing and presentation skills. Her clarity of speech and ability to connect with others has caught the attention of CNN’s Headline News where she has been featured in weekly segments. Best Selling author Tom Rath describes her as a “Master WOO.” She thrives on Winning Others Out of their comfort zone! Folks who have attended her workshops and seminars have labeled her as the person who helped them take their careers and lives to the next level by Living Out Loud. Suzanne is an award-winning Toastmaster and she is currently a member of Epic Orators Advanced Toastmasters and President's Club as well a recuring guest of National Speakers Association of Georgia.

Types of Clients

Early to Mid-Level Career Clients

Services Offered

Interview and Presentation Coaching